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These 41 ‘dismissed’ employees must be given consideration if their maternal and paternal rights are not being abused. The context of ‘dismissed’ implies these workers being fired, and if the sackings are on the grounds of maternity and paternity leave only, there is a real question of unethical and immoral behavior within management. Although the sackings are less than 6% (5.1) of the companies workforce other employees may feel threatened. Job security is a vital aspect of efficient employee relations.

There are different strategies that may be adopted by Classy Cushions;

· The simplest and most financially viable option would be to revise the employee contract and introduce a more flexible working environment. This would include negotiating maternal and paternal pay and even a work-from-home program. This has the benefit of being relatively cheap for the business.

· An internal child care service may be set up, whereby employees with young children can still come into the workplace. However, a mass company such as Classy Cushions would spend huge capital on hiring new qualified staff and also facilitating.

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From the above information, Classy Cushions may be perceived by external and internal parties to be discriminative. The table indicates that 7% of employees sacked within the last financial quarter have been on some form of paternal or maternal leave. Without a more ‘sound’ foundation for dismissal, Classy Cushions may find themselves in a discrimination lawsuit, costing the company yet more revenue.

Providing a safe working environment is a major responsibility for employers. This is a major problem for the company if ex-employees are suffering from health problems due to the manufacturing process. Employers are legally responsible for the safety of their workers therefore if in the past these obligations have been neglected many problems will arise. The Occupational Health and Safety Act of 18 emphasizes the need for employers to provide safe and healthy work environments, therefore the OH&S claim will have harsh repercussions on the business. Unfortunately there is no straight answer to attaining a positive outcome for both ex-employee and employer, however

Industrial Action may result and safe workplace is good for moral

Classy Cushions must now aim to the future by implementing the following strategies;

· Develop an OH&S policy which incorporates a workplace committee and a full-time safety officer. This strategy may be expensive, however a safe workplace is a right not a privilege!

· Providing safety equipment, especially in concern to the use of acrylic fabrics.

· Education is probably the cheapest form of prevention towards making the workplace a safer environment. Seminars, handouts are just forms of employee awareness which will help prevent any further legal problems.

· Every -6 months the company should provide employees with a medical examination. The advantage of this strategy is that methods of workplace safety can be tested.

· Finally the use of acrylic materials within the workplace may be substituted by other fabrics. There are obviously considerations to this recommendation including, cost and practicality.

Walk-outs and stop work meetings are overt industrial actions which highlight the need for better employment relations. Considering full-time employees are paid according to their salary, the focus group for management would be part-time and casual employees.

The range of strategies which may be introduced to avoid wage disagreements include;

· Revising the wage distribution of every casual and part-time position held within Classy Cushions. For e.g.

· Introducing an alternate wage structure.

· Hiring a management representative whom enables a clear communication line between employee and employer. Once again the financial cost of this option is outweighed by the disruption caused by wage disputes.

It is important to question the importance of this secrecy/confidentiality agreement. Why does every employee have to sign this agreement? What is it’s importance in a business that produces cushions? However if this is a huge concern for the company there are different methods which may help address the problem;


· If the employees are forced into signing the agreement a more co-operative approach may be adopted.

· Analysing the importance of every employee to sign the secrecy agreement. Why cant management just sign the agreement?

Although a misleading advertisement campaign is associated with marketing, there are many negative consequences which result in effected the working environment. Such as employee distrust, loss of revue and management dismissals. It is essential that Classy Cushions retain its positive brand name for the good of employers and

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