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While residing outside of the United States for several years, I was never given the opportunity to identify myself with music, art, or dance. Even though I was not forced to listen to music I did not like, as a child I did not have my own cultural expression. After moving to the United States, I became fascinated by cultural expressions. Everywhere I turned I saw something new, something that I might identify myself with, whether it was clothing, music, school or religion. There have been times when I have focused on these expressions with a critical eye, however I soon come to realize the real meaning of cultural expressions. I consider music as being one of the major points of cultural expressions. Music can be explored by all and viewed in many different ways.

I am a true lover of music, however when rap music came about, I though that it should have been banned from the radio and even selling of the actual lyrics. I had a misconception of rap, I felt that this was a result of the media. I could not understand how someone could turn a beautiful thing like music into a bunch of words that meant nothing to anyone. That is where I was completely wrong. It took me a while to understand that even though rap wasn’t how I expressed my culture, there were others in the world that clearly identified themselves with it. In general, rappers tend to rap about how to avoid gang pressures and still earn local respect, how to deal with the loss of several friends to gunfights and drug overdoses, and tell elaborate, and sometimes violent tales. All though there are still some who feel that rap music is to angry, or promotes violence, I have come to realize that quite often these songs are heartfelt stories about the life of those telling the story. As time moves on, rap music continues to flourish as a culture that many can identify themselves with. Rap is known for bringing together a tangle of some of the most complex social, and political issues in todays American society. Rap initially caught on because of the fact that it offered young urban New Yorkers a chance to freely express themselves and it was accessible to anyone.

Rap music clearly affected society and created a huge culture which many follow. Rap gives us a chance to express ourselves and tell our life stories in a different way, one that is more comfortable for some. Cultural expression is something an individual can associate themselves with for example rap, as well as graffiti, and break dancing. Rap also offers unlimited challenges as there are no real set of rule. Another aspect that made it a cultural expression was that rap could be about any and/or everything. Now that mainstream America has become used to the idea that this music that was once confined to the urban sections of our country, is now a part of everyday life, it has become easier to identify with. The original intent of the cultural movement is still in place, and has great social significance to the world of music. Because rap has evolved into such a large industry, it gives the illusion of being a quick escape from the harshness of inner city life, once more identifying with cultural expressions.

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In todays society everywhere you look, you can see people of all ages wearing clothing inspired by rap artists and even the very way that we speak has been affected as slang becomes a more acceptable form of expression. Today the rap movement is coming on strong. The movement is still trying to teach people about rap and its elements. Rap as a cultural expression has given a voice to people that were formerly left unheard, and given urban youths entry into a three billion dollar a year business. The rap culture is now incorporated in several different ways including the movies and TV, clothes, speech and the way we interact with each other.

The culture I identify myself with is the Armenian American culture. Within this culture lie several different aspects including music, dance, and art. I feel that cultural adaptation within the United States is by choice, and society has allowed me to express my culture openly. When I was younger I was under the impression that Armenian music, dance, and art were deemed universal and found it very hard to understand why my classmates where not intrigued the way I was. Surely now twenty years later, I am thrilled that my cultural expressions are part of my daily life and that I am given the opportunity to share these expressions with others. Armenian music offers many rich means of cultural expression, it is a creative inspiration, mainly because of the parallel to the history of the Armenian nation. I have attended several Armenian music festivals, these festivals are such a joy to our community because it allows other members in our society to come and understand our culture, individuals are able to listen to the vibrant music which is accompanied by percussion instruments.

My cultural expressions through Armenian dance, music, art and religion insures the survival of the Armenian existence, and are alive today in the United States and many countries around the world, with its center in Republic of Armenia. Despite the great losses which the Armenian culture suffered during the centuries of foreign domination, it showed the durability and originality of its creators. I am very ecstatic that the United States has given many of us the opportunity to introduce and reflect in many ways when it comes to cultural expression and I have not viewed any resistance by society we live in.

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