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death penalty ineffective

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The average person usually makes their decision to be for or against something by

weighing out the facts. If the facts are in favor of that something, one would be for it.

If the facts are against that something, one would be against it. In the case of the death

penalty, it seems as though the facts have been over-looked by the general public. I am

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against the death penalty, because the facts clearly point out it’s ineffectiveness.

One of the main reasons of the death penalty is to try and prevent people from

committing crimes. Capital punishment does not even deter crime. (Death Penalty).

Respected scientific studies have show that executions do not deter people from

committing crimes. The death penalty is not doing what is made to do, therefore, it

should not be in effect. Not only that, but it is a drain out of American pockets.

It costs more to execute somebody than to keep him or her in prison for life.

Most death penalty cases cost $1.5 million more than a regular murder case and a

sentence of life without possibility of parole. (Death Penalty). Not only are Americans

wasting their hard earned money on the deaths of captured criminals, but on the deaths

of innocent victims.

During 001, over ,048 people were executed in 1 countries and 5,65

people were sentenced to death in 6 countries. (Amnesty). To top it off, the

prevention of accidental executions of innocent people is not possible, yet we continue

to use capital punishment. Studies on this have been done, and at least 400 innocent

people have been convicted of capital punishment. of these people were executed.

innocent lives didn’t have to be sacrificed to satisfy the vengeance of angry people.


The crime itself is not even the determining factor in a capital punishment case.

It is in fact the politics, quality of legal counsel, and the jurisdiction where a crime is

committed, that determine if it will be a capital punishment case. (Stewart). Since the

death penalty is applied at random, it is also an unfair punishment.

Due to these undeniable facts about the death penalty, there is no doubt why I

am against the death penalty. I’m sure that after reviewing these facts for yourself, you

will also see my point of view.

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