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Did you ever wonder about the intelligence of dolphins? Why they are so friendly to humans? Are they more intelligent then we think?

Research has shown that dolphins have the intelligence close or even equal to ours. When a group of dolphins were given a memory test they got perfect scores nearly one hundred percent of the time. It is also known that if you teach a dolphin tricks once they wont forget them.

A dolphin kept in complete captivity (with only human contact) was trained to raise to the surface, when any words were shouted over the surface of the water. After careful examination of all the tapes, a conclusion was made that eighteen percent of the sound that the dolphins heard were considered humanoid emissions, in other words the dolphins were trying to imitate our words. Comparing dolphins brains to ours and others, researchers claim that dolphins could be intelligent enough to communicate. Some researchers say that the reason dolphins are always grinning is that they understand our language and are patiently waiting for us to learn theirs.

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A question that still remains is how dolphins navigate. Some scientists think that dolphins use the stars, moon, sun or they might use methods involving depth, currents, water temperature, water tastes, ect.

In 165 Anthropologist Gregory Bateson made the discovery that dolphins live in social groups dominated by a leader. This bond is so strong that dolphins kept in total isolation will suffer ill health and possibly death. It has also been observed that dolphins frequently touch each other with their flippers, indicating that they require physical contact much like humans.

Dolphins have never in history been known to attack man even when man tries to make him. The dolphin will resist even until his death. The statement a mans best friend is usually referred to a dog, but research has come to the conclusion dolphins should be considered a mans best friend to.

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