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Fate in Tess of the D'urbervilles

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The act of fate in Tess of the D’Urbervilles plays a major role in the outcomes of many relationships and lives. The first fate seen in the book is when the D’Urbeyfield’s horse is killed, and Tess must work for Mrs. Durberville. The letter that Tess writes to Angel about her past doesn’t reach him because of fate. Also all the D’Urbeyfield women screw up their lives because of fatalism.

The first sign of fate in the story happens to Tess. When the family horse, Prince, is killed in the collision, Tess holds herself responsible and feels guilty for the death of the horse. In order to make up for the horses death, she feels she must go to work for Mrs. Durberville. “Why, I danced and laughed only yesterday! To think that I was such a fool.” (p. 4) This fate means that she ends up meeting Alec and eventually becoming pregnant from Alec. Tess accepts the fate that arises throughout the book. She doesn’t try to fight it, she instead, lets it happen. This means that she could prevent things from happening if she were to not to go along with everything.

Before Tess is about to marry Angel she questions telling him everything about her past, even though her mother instructed her not to. She isn’t brave enough to tell Angel, in fear of what he might think. Instead she decides to write him a letter telling him everything. She slips it underneath his door, however it goes underneath the carpet as well. Fate keeps the letter from reaching Angel and him finding out the news about Tess before they get married. This then leads to a blow up in the marriage when Tess finally tells Angel, and to their separation. “Angel, I should not have let it go on to marriage with `ee if I had not know that, after all, there was a last way out of it for you…” (p. 8) This is when Angel blows up at Tess for her past and that she hadn’t told him sooner. She decides not to fight against fate and try and keep Angel; she lets whatever might happen do so.

Another example of fatalism in the story is the fate of all the D’urbeyfield women. They all have the same genetic traits about them. Tess’s mother was very pretty, like Tess, however she gave it all away by marrying a poor, drunk. Tess is very beautiful, however she screws it up by getting pregnant with Alec. Fate also leads to her break up with Angel, because of her dreaded past. The D’Urbeyfield women seem to be very beautiful, but fate seems to lead them to screw up their lives.

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Fatalism has a major role in Tess of the D’Urbervilles. The D’Urbeyfield’s horse is killed, which means that Tess must help and ends up meeting Alec. The letter that Tess writes never reaches Angel, and it ruins their relationship. The fate of the D’Urbeyfield women, means they all screw up their lives.

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