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international Law

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International Law


Saddam Hussein has been a horrible and arbitrary leader of the Iraqi regime. Hussein has committed many counts of genocide and hate crimes against the Kurds and Shia Muslims of Iraq. Mr. Hussein has also invaded Kuwait during the Gulf War of 11, disobeying the Charter of the United Nations, Chapter one, Article two, Sections three and four. The United States in fact, took action against the Iraqi military. President Bush Sr. and his military pressured them back to their homeland, bombarded their cities and, forced them to have United Nation inspectors, and placed sanctions on the country. Yet the Bush Sr. administration fell short of sending Saddam Hussein into exile, which was their primary goal.

The Law

Custom Essays on international Law

The International Law that was created concerning this matter was applied to Hussein when invading Iraq. The Charter of the United Nations, Chapter one, Article two, Sections four states that “All members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state, or in any other manner inconsistent with the Purpose of the United Nations.”(…) Both the United States and the Iraqi regime have defied this law. Whether it was against the Nicaraguan government in the case of United States or the Kuwaiti regime as mentioned in the section above. Actions towards another sovereign state can only be justified by means of self-defence. A pre-empted attack is not justified as a reason for war according to the United Nations Charter. There is no immanent threat posed by Iraq. They would continue to comply with the United Nations inspections with hesitance of course. The United States is not acting in self-defense, and to disrupt Iraq’s sovereignty would be an injustice. Resolution 1441 was developed to ensure the effectiveness of the inspections to identify illegal weapons in Iraq and eliminate them. Although article 1441 was imposed by the United States one must be able to understand that Iraq is being threatened of invasion and the order of disarmament do not coincide with the best interest and safety or Iraq. Finally an attack on Iraq by the United States would be a violation of the section one, article two, and chapter one of the Charter of the United Nations.

Security Concerns

The United States of America placed such sanctions on Iraq as to not allow them to receive and/or create any nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Now although these sanctions were placed, one might wonder why the States would have any reason to fear that Iraq is in possession of nuclear biochemical weapons. The question that must be raised by neighboring Muslim countries is; if Bush is able to invade Iraq without joint international approval what can stop him from attacking us? Also that if the neighboring countries do not assist a fellow Muslim nation than Hussein might attack them. These actions of the United States do in fact increase the possibility of a terrorist attack upon the homeland of millions of Americans. A simple motive of greed by the President of the United States is visible and comprehensive. George Bush owns a great deal of oil industries and it would be to his benefit to gather oil from the largest supplier of the OPEC cartel.


Finally we as a Global Nation should continue the inspections until the process cannot proceed, and the chief weapons inspector of the United Nations Mr. Hans Blix can indicate that Saddam Hussein is not co-operating anymore. At that point, if the United Nations approves of such an invasion is just upon the Iraqi nation, then I believe it would be appropriate to take action. However, a war without United Nations approval will only cause instability in the Middle East and throughout the world. The Charter of the United Nations, Chapter one, Article two, and Section three states “All members shall settle their disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security, and justice, are not endangered.” (…) In conclusion the Bush administration is guilty of this offence and must be tried in an international court if Justice crimes it has committed against the Iraqi Republic and it’s innocent people.

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