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Internet Love Story

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One instant message would change the course of two lives forever. This is our story. We have been married for almost 5 years now

September 11, 16 Was the evening I first received an instant message on AOL Canada from the man who is now my husband. Who knew how it would turn out.

Were approaching our 5 year anniversary, and I am just in wonder every day how we met.

My name is Kimberly. I first got on the internet in December 15 but never really thought of its potential to find me a husband.

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I was 8 and had had my share of bad relationships. I have had my share of pain and heartache. The wrong person, the wrong relationship, for too long. And scars for a lifetime. The relationship from hell ended years ago. I have had time to heal and make a happy life for myself. Oh sure, I didnt mind if I found a soulmate in my life, after all I am like everybody else and its always a nice thing to have. Hey, anytime. But life was too good after being in hell for years, and the last thing on my mind was to become romantically involved with anyone. I cherished my years of freedom and pain-free heart.

I was moving on in life, brushing aside the failed romance episode and eagerly biting into a life with plenty of years ahead of me to enjoy. In fact, I had resigned myself to a life without the soulmate thing. I had resigned myself to a solitary life, convinced I could never find anyone who felt the world with the same sensitivity I did. Whose heart beat at the same rhythm. Whose thoughts were the same, so much so that you could finish each other sentences and know each others thoughts. Imagine that.

Relationships and marriage become such heavy work on a daily basis that you have to be sure to marry someone you love and not someone you settle for.

Of course I was aware of the chat room syndrome and all the personal ads and pages out there promising to find your significant other, for free or at a price. I stayed clear of those. I had no interest or belief in their ability to have me meet anyone, and I wasnt interested in becoming involved anyway. I knew perfection was no part of this world, so my sad fate was to live it only in my head. In fact, I had carefully pushed aside and kept OUT of my head any thoughts relating to heart matters.

Then I received a Instant Message from a wonderful guy named Jordan. He sent me an e-TeddyBear.

After talking on line for a while and on the phone for hours for two nights we decided to meet and go out on a real date. The date was planned for a Friday the 1th....can we say scarry!

Everyone kept telling me he was probably an axe murderer but I didnt listen. I played it safe by letting everyone know where I was going. We went to pulic places and we had a wonderful 10 hour date.

When I dropped him off after the date he said those famous last words Ill call you. What do you know, before lunch the next day he called me.

Five months later we were engaged and a year and a half later we were married. On June 8, 00 we will celebrate our 5th year of marriage. Who knew that a computer and a thing called the internet could find my soul mate. We are very happy together and love each other very much.

I wish everyone could be as lucky.

Kimberly Berson

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