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Hip Hop has gotten some pretty bad press over the years.  

The first exposure I had to hip hop that I can personally remember was in 187 when my 8 year-old brother brought home a bootlegged tape of the Disco a.k.a. the Fat Boys Crushin album.  He brought his cassette player into the kitchen and promptly blasted the Fat Boys Protect Yourself / My Nuts for the whole family to hear.  He thought it was hilarious.   I was six years old at the time and giggled profusely.  My mother was furious at both of us, but more so at Prince Markie Dee, Buff Love the Human Beat Box, and Kool Rock Ski.

The above anecdote may indeed be a digression, but it points to the fact that sometimes, like Will Smith once flowed poetical, Parents Just Dont Understand.  More importantly, however, is that hip hop has always been embroiled in controversy and misunderstanding.  Here are some of the issues that hip hop has had to contend with in the mass media and with government officials.

Clearly, hip hop is not merely a rap song or the marketing of image and eye-catching clothes.  It is a form of expression and a way of living and knowing and coping with the surrounding world.  Scholars such as Tricia Rose, William Eric Perkins, and Russel A. Potters, as well as artists and fans, have devoted their lives to the survival of hip hop because of its complexity and cultural value.

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The Hip-Hop and Cultural Studies Collective was conceived in the summer of 1 by R. Scott Heath and Shawan M. Wade, graduate students at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.  It was imagined initially as a central space, run by an organization of individuals to advance the study of hip-hop culture.  At a subsequent meeting the concept was actualized through the formation of the first Executive Committee consisting of the founders and three other charter members�Millery Polyn�, Angie Colette Beatty, and Geoff K. Ward.  This group determined the mission of the Collective  to collect and synthesize hip-hop scholarship and cultural production, to document the development of this social movement, to promote and diversify the study of hip hop in the academy and to provide community access to comprehensive and valuable information about hip hop.  The organization has established the following objectives

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