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Public trust and lies of political leaders

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for political leaders,their role is to guide the public to step forward stably and progressively and to build a friendly relationship with other group or country.

there is a figuration that the leader is like the boat,and the public is like the water.on on hand the water can burden the boat,on the other hand it can also overthrow the boat.this vividly explain the interaction between the leader and the public.when the water dissatisfy with the boat ,it will overthrow it,vice versa.

the political leaders have to withhold some information which can make the public panic and upset or outrage and indignation from the public,because this is a way to keep the public burden the leaders and even power or the nation.

some information can lead the public into a bedlam and out of control which will

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greatly influence the normal life and production,even economic depression and recession and suspension of the wheel of the whole country when it is serious keeping some information far from the public as a confidential will do a great deal to the leaders and the city or the it is necessary even disirable to do this.on other occasions,some information should be withheld from the public purposely in case of the orderly development and progression such as the political scandal and corruption which possibly affect the anger and chaos of the public,although the leaders have to treat the public sincerely but not just concealing and deceiving.and as to the national confidential information including the military and economical first class which is allowed to access only to very few important people,the public certainly should be kept out of the door because there are a lot of spies among the crowd of the public.

however such information as the active and inspiring news has to be dissipated to the public which can be a motivation to accelerate the fulfilment on their own positions in various such a case it is necessary, even disirable for political leaders to spread out the information among the public.

in one word, whether the political leaders should withhold information from the public depends on whether it will hamper the publics zeal to the leaders and to the nations and on whether it will impact the security of the nation.

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