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It was a cold winters night and Mr. Whitaker was coming home from a hard days work. When he entered his house, he found his wife on the floor with a knife in her chest. Because of the gruesome discovery Mr Whitaker went into shock and fainted.

About half an hour later he woke up and rang the police station. Detective Sloan arrived immediately to investigate. He checked everything for prints and for any other clues that could give him an idea of who the murderer was. The detective was having no luck and was about to pack up when he found something; it was a hair fibre. The detective then took the hair fibre back to head quarters and examined it closely. The results showed that Fred, the local alcoholic, was the owner of the hair fibre.

The police announced Fred’s name on TV and the radio. About an hour later they received a phone call telling them that Fred was at the local hotel having a beer. The police raced out to their cars, and sped down to the hotel with sirens blaring; within 10 minutes Fred was ensconced in the police station interview room, being questioned.

After hours of questioning and negotiating they had the whole story worked out. Fred had broken into Mrs. Whitaker’s house to steal some alcohol. Mrs Whitaker had been cooking tea for her husband and herself. She had a knife in her hand. When she saw Fred she jumped from fright and lost her balance and the knife went straight into her chest. Because he was scared he stole her money and went down to the pub to get drunk so that he could forget about what had happened.

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After Fred’s court, hearing he was sentenced to 6 months jail for breaking and entering, as the murder of Mrs. Whitaker was simply just an accident.

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