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PASSAGE ONE (Question 1-)

Ice ages, those periods when ice-covered extensive areas of the Earth, are known to have occurred at least six times. Past ice ages can be recognized from rock strata that show evidence of foreign materials deposited by moving walls of ice or melting glaciers. Ice ages can also be recognized from land formations that have been produced from moving walls of ice, such as U-shaped valleys, sculptured landscapes, and polished rock faces.


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1. According to the passage, what happens during an ice age?

(A) Rock strata are recognized by geologists.

(B) Evidence of foreign materials is found.

(C) Ice covers a large portion of the Earth¡¦s surface.

(D) Ice melts six times.

. The passage covers how many different methods of recognizing past ice ages?

(A) One

(B) Two

(C) Three

(D) Four

. According to the passage, what in the rock strata is a clue to geologists of a past ice age?

(A) Ice

(B) Melting glaciers

(C) U-shaped valleys

(D) Substances from other areas

PASSAGE TWO (Question 4-6)

The human heart is divided into four chambers, each of which serves its own function in the cycle of pumping blood. The atria are the thin-walled upper chambers that gather blood as it flows from the veins between heartbeats. The ventricles are the thick-walled lower chambers that receive blood from the atria and push it into the arteries with each contraction of the heart. The left atrium and ventricle work separately from those on the right. The role of the chambers on the right side of the heart is to receive oxygen-depleted blood from the body tissues and send it on to the lungs; the chambers on the left side of the heart then receive the oxygen-enriched blood from the lungs and send it back out to the body tissues.

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