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Sonny,s Blues

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The main character in Sonny’s blues Is Sonny’s brother who has no name. He looks at the way Sonny’s life has turned out and tries to understand what happed to him. The bother learns of what happen to Sonny on his way to work one morning. Sonny was arrested for the possession and sale of heroin. The brother, who is a teacher, describes how he feels all day long to show the way he keeps his emotion bottled inside. He says it feels like “a great block of ice got settled in my belly and kept melting there slowly all day long”. The brother in the end of the story finds a way to reconnect to Sonny.

Baldwin shows that Sonny may have become addicted to drugs because of all the emotion he kept inside. Both of the brothers have this problem. Sonny was not skilled enough in playing the piano to let it out at that point in his life when he turned to drugs. For as long as Sonny could remember he wanted to escape the life he was living. First he wanted to become a musician and then later in his life he took drugs to escape from life. After his relies from jail he tried to focus on going to school and getting his life back together. But the musician in him just had to get out. All the while his brother was trying to figure out were he had failed Sonny and watched him to see if he would go back on drugs.

There are many differences between Sonny and his brother. But there is one thing they have in common and that is that they both keep the feelings on the inside. Sonny Bother in the end of the story realizes that if he does not express him self like Sonny something bad might happen to him too. He sees this for the first time when he goes to hear Sonny play at a jazz club. Sonny is final able to release the emotion he has inside.

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Baldwin’s use of the first person narration gives you’re the feel that you are inside of Sonny’s brother head and your can feel what he is going thought. I feel that he does not give the narrator a name so that we can put ourselves in his place. So that that as the reader your can focus more on Sonny’s and what his problems are. Your can also see how the narrator tries to find the fault in himself that caused his brother Sonny to take drugs. In the end of this story the brothers finally are able to connect to one another. May Baldwin was trying to show us that we should find an outlet for our feelings before they turn into something really bad and unhealthy.

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