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16 mm Film

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Watching the film Dumbo on a 16-millimeter film projector gave me a different viewing experience than one that I am typically used to. It was not at all like watching Dumbo on DVD. Viewing the film on this type of projector made me feel as though we were in the 140’s watching the film for the first time. The added newsreel, which was shown in the beginning of the film, also helped to enhance the experience, as these were often shown before the pictures in the 140’s. Hearing the clicking of the projector in the background created an ambience that was much different than what I am accustomed to.

The film was projected onto the screen and as a result, the picture as a whole appeared to be sort of jumpy and jerky. It was very different from watching a film on your television at home, or even from watching a film in the movie theater. In present theaters, the picture is much smoother and not as shaky as it was on the 16-millimeter film projector. Also, the picture appeared to look much different than if you were to watch the video or DVD version of the film. This was as the picture was on a reel of film that ran through the projector and was then projected onto the screen. The colors did not seem to be as bright, and the sounds seemed to be kind of harsh and loud. This was primarily because Dumbo was one of Disney’s first animated feature films.

Watching the film on this projector truly made the viewing experience different, but it was definitely a positive change. In comparing the two completely different methods of viewing films, it is amazing to see how far we have progressed from the past years. If filmmakers from the past were told that in the future the public would be watching films that were contained on discs smaller than records, they probably would not have believed it. However, although the 16-millimeter projector may seem to us to be a way of the past, it is actually remarkable to think how much this type of projector helped us to get where we are currently, in terms of viewing films. Technology would not be where it was today if it was not helped along by techniques developed in the earlier periods of film history.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Dumbo on the 16-millimeter film projector. It was an experience that was special for me, as I do not think I have ever watched a film on this type of projector before. It helped me to appreciate film history and how far it has come in the past century. Also, it was fun to know that I was watching a film that was made in the 140’s the way the audience in the 140’s would have actually watched the film.

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