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A land remembered

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For Help On Flatland, Heres A Little Bit Of Help!

posted by CrippleEverette on 5/17 05 AM

This was an assignment we got. It includes the questions, not a summary but itll help in some way hopefully

1. When was Flatland originally published?

Flatland was originally published in London in 1884.

. What did Edwin A. Abbott do for a living and what was his avocation?

Edwin A. Abbott was an English clergyman and author. His avocation was his love for mathematics.

. Why did Abbott publish Flatland under a pseudonym?

Edwin A. Abbott published Flatland under a pseudonym because he was afraid that it might besmirch the dignity of his formal writings.

4. What is the name of the narrator of Flatland?

A. Square is the narrator of Flatland.

5. Describe the narrators parents.

The narrator, A. Square, had a line for a mother and a triangle for a father.

6. What is the narrators profession?

The narrator, A. Square, is a lawyer.

7. Describe the plot of the second half of Flatland.

In a dream, A. Square finds himself in Lineland. He chats with the king, who is trapped inside a one dimensional body. A. Square encounters the same problem when he dreams of Pointland. Ironically, a stranger comes to visit him later in the story. The creature, a sphere, claims he has something for A. Square. He has trouble understanding the concept past his two dimensional world, just as the those in Lineland and Pointland could not understand past their one-dimensional world. But unlike the king, A. Square is able to go to Shapeland. The sphere then begins to reveal the mysteries of Spaceland. He then orders A. Square to return to Flatland and preach his findings to the rest of the people. A. Square experiences three dimensions to much joy. After returning to Flatland, he tries to explain his findings to his hexagon grandson. A. Square tries to teach the mysteries of Spaceland, but no one else in Flatland believes him.

8. Discuss the role of women in Flatland. Discuss this role as it appears in the doctrine of priests as well as other observations made in the book. Is this social satire? How? Do you agree with this view? Does the narrator agree? Does the author agree?

The women of Flatland are treated harshly as many women of Islamic countries in the Arabian peninsula area. They are the lowest of the all classes and have to follow certain rules. They must enter the house at a certain door and can not enter the other wing of the house, the mans room. If a women is sick, she to be immediately killed. A women also can not evolve as men can. Women will always be a line.

The social structure of Flatland is satire. It is not fair that a women cannot achieve or do half of the things a man can. I do not agree with the social structure of Flatland, especially pertaining to women. Though they are the simplest of all figures, that does not mean they should be treated with no respect. I believe the narrator has some degree of sympathy for women, as he says, they shall have no memory to recall, and no forethought to anticipate, the miseries and humiliations which are at once necessity of their existence and the basis of their existence... (14). The author, Abbott, does not agree with the lifestyle of women during the late 1800s, as they are still the regular housewives that raise children. Though he cares to think about the women, he will do nothing as it is almost law in the land for women to be treated the way they are.

. How does reading Flatland enhance your study of Geometry and perhaps take it outside the boundaries of your textbook? What new insights about Mathematics in general and Geometry in particular have you gained? How has your knowledge been broadened? How do you feel about this?

Flatland has also made me more familiar with my shapes and the dimensions of certain shapes. It has sharpened my knowledge of angles and triangles. It makes you rethink already learned formulas and theorems of circles, squares, and other shapes. It gives you a different point of view of them besides the straight text form, which will benefit any one looking to help their geometry skills.

By reading Flatland, my train of thought and way of perceiving ideas, thoughts, and learning materials has changed. It makes you broad your two-dimensional mind and think further to understand shapes in Geometry. It is another way of learning besides the basic text form of formulas and theorems of the textbook. Flatland is not just of Geometry, it is about life and has made think rethink the ways of treating other people.

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