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At First I thought the book, Animal Farm would be a boring one, but as I read on I found out that the plot is really interesting. The phasing of the story is fast but youll never be hanged because its very detailed. In reading the book, it came into my mind why did the author write this story. Definitely, there should be a reason for this. First, I think that the story was compared to the life of the African-american people who were discriminated by the white americans. The black people demanded freedom from slavery because at the time of George Washington, black people are considered slaves by the white americans. They had lots of rebellion and of course, bloodshed. Finally, they had found the way to bring out their thirst for justice and liberty. Behind that liberty, we couldnt deny that there were still things that arent right. They discovered that there were still black when under the power of white americans. They chose to be slaves than to contradict the people with authority. After they got their freedom there were instances that almost made them give up their integrity and remain as slaves all their lives but at long last the war against the two colors had ended and they lived harmoniously.

Second, I can compare it in Europe when it was still conquered by other countries. They wanted, again freedom. Through their long planning of how they can achieve their freedom the time came when they cant stand it anymore. They were able to expell their conquerers and have their country as their own. Little did they know that they were just being played. They didnt know that they are ony putting their lives in danger. They were facing their ultimate nightmare. Another slavery stood up, inequality and cruelty. People who were

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