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Animal farm

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“The creatures outside looked from pig to man and from man to pig and from pig to man again but already it was impossible to say which was which.” How does this concluding sentence from the novel sum up Orwell’s principle concern in “Animal Farm?”

The concluding sentence from the satire “Animal Farm” sums up Orwell’s principle concern by explaining in simple terms through a novel that the Russian Revolution achieved very little for what it had originally stood for. It explains the change of power from the Tsarists made no improvements to the commoner’s lives.

Orwell’s principle concern for this novel was explain how little the Russian Revolution achieved. The concluding sentence shows that the people who originally stood for the ‘freedom’ of the commoners eventually turned against the people and only did what would improve their own well being.

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The words, “it was impossible to tell which was which” suggests that the similarity between the Tsarists and communists was very close and that the commoner’s problems had neither improved nor been made any worse.

Orwell wanted to show us that the revolution, which occurred in Russia in 117, improved very little. In the satire the farmer Jones originally owns and runs the farm � he can be compared to the Tsar in Russia, the animals who take over the farm would be the fictional comparison to the Serfs (paid slaves during the time of the revolution).

George Orwell demonstrated through he novel the autocratic system originally run by the farmer Jones, who was then taken over by the animals and they all agreed that the animals that did the work ruled. For a time this system worked but greed got the better of the smarted animals � the pigs. The pigs slowly changed the rules for themselves, right under the noses of the other animals, until the pigs had the same power as the Tsarists (or in the novel, as Jones) had.

From the proletarian point of view (in the novel the other animals) they were not much, if at all, better off than before the revolution.

In conclusion, Orwell used a simplistic story about animals overtaking a farm and compared it to the Russian Revolution. He successfully demonstrated in the novel the uselessness of the revolution.

Animal Farm by george orwell

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