Saturday, December 17, 2011


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We here at Unscrewed are always looking out for our viewers. (Thanks Mom.) Todays helpful tip might be just what you need to make this months rent payment. Do you remember when you got that second-hand video camera from your Aunt Mildred for your birthday a few years back? You had dreams of making movies and becoming the next Spielberg. Of course you tossed it into your closet and forgot all about it, until you met your first partner. Then one afternoon, you decided to get ! a little kinky and dug out the cam and made your first home movie. You showed your friends, and everybody got a good laugh at your lack of skills in the bedroom. Well, its time to find that tape, wipe off the dust and earn a little cash. Tonights guest, Allen McNulty, from joins us in the studio with tips for turning your most private moments caught on tape into a hot, profitable commodity.

Also on the program tonight, we delve into one of the strangest fetishes on the Net, a tattoo cam. Rob Benson from BisonTattoos joins us via netcam to talk about his live piercing and tattoo webcam. Hes says its the only one on the Web. And if that doesnt get your blood pumping, new installments of Dear Blog, Fancy Fetish, and Girls Gone Wired are sure to do the trick.

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