Friday, December 16, 2011

Coming to College

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Coming to College

In this day and time, education has become a valuable keepsake. Learning a marketable skill is

more precious than gold. That is why I am glad to be enrolled in school and on the verge of graduating.

Being in college has really inspired me to reach for higher goals. It has also made me more aware of my

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potentials. Most importantly, being in college has taught me to be responsible and involved in my future.

That is why I think coming back to college was a good choice for me.

Coming back to college has forced me to grow up. The first day of class seemed like one of

the longest days of my life. For one, I did not know anyone in my class. As the days went by, I got to

know some of my fellow classmates, not knowing they would be some of the same people I would

finish school with. I was forced to be to class on time. If I was late, there was a probability that the

instructor could give a quiz. I had to learn that the instructor was not my mother or father. It is not their

job to make me come to class everyday. Whether I was there or not, class would still go on. When

the instructor gave me an assignment to do, it had to be done. He or she was not going to keep asking

me to the project.

Next, coming to college has taught me responsibility. I have to do what is expected of me in

order to get a good grade in the course. One semester, I had to buy a radio and put the radio together.

When it was assembled, it had to get three radio stations that played clear. That was not an easy task.

Keeping up with all the parts to the radio and making sure that I did not blow one of the transistors was

pretty tough. I had to make sure I put the right part in the right place. Turning the first IF stage was

easy but the second and third was difficult. Trying to keep the stations that I had already had and trying

to get the other stations was not easy at all. I had to finish the project in a timely manner in order to

receive the grade I wanted. So, getting my work in on time was one of the responsibilities I had


Last, coming to college is teaching me how to get a job. I did not know there are so many

different jobs in the avionic field. Companies like Boeing, FedEx, UPS, Delta, and Honeywell hire

avionic graduates with little or no experience. They often send information to the colleges telling the

them what they are looking for in potential employees. That lets the college know what to teach us and

what new equipment is coming out. That is how college is teaching me how to get a job.

When I came to college, I felt like a nerd. I have now come to realize that there is nothing

wrong with going to college. It is a place where I can new things, and it teaches me what is expected of

me as a future employee in my field of training. Although I complained in the beginning about how long

I had to stay in school, I know one day it will pay off. I hope this experience can be an inspiration to

my kids one day.

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