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Hitler '40-'41

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Table Of Contents


Section 1 Message From The Author

Section Walkthrough Version Description

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Section Game Version Notes

.1 Version 1.0

. Version 1.1.0605 Additions

. Version 1.1.0605 Bug Fixes

.4 Version 1.1.0605 Quest Fixes

.5 Version 1..07 Additions

.6 Version 1..07 Bug Fixes

.7 Version 1..07 Quest Fixes

Section 4 Blades Quest

4.1 Deliver a Package

4. Dwemer Puzzle Box

4. The Skull of Llewle

4.4 Vivec Interviews

4.5 Ashlander Informant

4.6 Urshilaku Camp

4.7 SixthHouse Base

4.8 Corprus Cure

4. Lost Prophecies

4.10 Third Trial

4.11 Fifth Trial Urshilku

4.1 Fifth Trial Ahemmusa

4.1 Fifth Trial Zainab

4.14 Fifth Trial Erabenimsum

4.15 Fourth Trial House Redoran

4.16 Fourth Trial Telvanni House

4.17 Fourth Trial Hlaalu House

4.18 The Archcanon, Vivec, And The Wraithguard

4.1 Ghostgate

4.0 First Vampire

4.1 Second Vampire

4. Third Vampire

4. Fourth Vampire and The Keening

4.4 Fifth Vampire and The Sunder

4.5 Sixth Vampire

4.6 Seventh Vampire and Dagoth Ur

Section 5 Fighters Guild Quests

5.1 The Rats

5. Egg Poachers

5. Trouble at Caldera Mine

5.4 The Code Book

5.5 Debt Money

5.6 Orc Bounty

5.7 Ald-Ruhn Fighters Guild

5.8 Neromancers

5. Nerer Beneran The Outlaw

5.10 Suran Bandits

5.11 Delivering Flin

5.1 Sadrith Mora Fighters Guild

5.1 Dwemer Ruins Of Nchurdamz

5.14 Dissapla Mine

5.15 Corprus Stalker And Rels Tenim

5.16 Sujamma Courier

5.17 Escort Sondaale of Shimmerene

5.18 Engaer

5.1 Pudai Egg Mine And The Golden Eggs

5.0 Orcs At A Daedric Ruin

5.1 Verethi Gang

5. Sarano Tomb

5. Decision

5.4 Option 1 Save the Fighters Guild

5.5 Option Vivec Fighters Guild

5.6 Option The Thieves Guild Bosses

5.7 Option The Theives Guild Master

Section 6 Guide To Vvardenfell

6.1 Ascadian Isles

6. The Ashlands

6. Azuras Coast

6.4 The Bitter Coast

6.5 The Grazelands

6.6 Molag Amur

6.7 Red Mountain

6.8 West Gash

6. Sheogorad

Section 7 Seyda Neen Quests and Notes

7.1 Fargoths Ring

7. Fargoths Hiding Place

7. The Dead Taxman

7.4 Cursed Ring Of Vodunius Nuccius

7.5 Seyda Neen Travel

7.6 Seyda Neen Trainers

7.7 Seyda Neen Merchants

7.8 Seyda Neen Notes

Section 8 Pelagiad Quests and Notes

8.1 Pelagiad Quests

8. Pelagiad Trainers

8. Pelagiad Merchants

8.4 Pelagiad Notes

Section Hla Oad Quests And Notes

.1 Slave Delivery

. Hla Oad Travel

. Hla Oad Trainers

.4 Hla Oad Merchants

.5 Hla Oad Notes

Section 10 Gnaar Mok Quests And Notes

10.1 Breeding Netch

10. Hla Oad Travel

10. Gnaar Mok Trainers

10.4 Gnaar Mok Merchants

10.5 Gnaar Mok Notes

Section 11 FAQ

11.1 How Do I sell High Priced Items?

11. How Do I Use Vampire Dust To Make A Vampire Potion?

11. Can I Join More Than One Guild?

11.4 Why Do The Ordinators Attack Me?

11.5 Where Is Creeper, And What Is So Special About Him?

11.6 I Messed Up The Bonebitter Bow Quest, What Do I Do?

11.7 Where Are The Propolyon Index Stones

11.8 Why Are Some Of My Stats (or Skills) Listed In Red?

11. How Do I Get To The Puzzle Canal Temple Shrine?

11.10 What Are All Of The Xs On The Map That Came With The Game?

11.11 Is It True That You Can Get Your Own House In This Game?

11.1 I Killed Someone In The In The Corprusarium, What Do I Do?

11.1 Where Can I Find Grand Soul Gems?

11.14 What Is Leveled Loot?

11.15 Where Do I Find The Morag Tong?

11.16 All Of My Armor Skills Are Zero, What Happened?

Section 1 Stat and Skill Tips

1.1 Easy Acrobatics Skill

1. Another Easy Acrobatics

1. Ye Olde Breadbutts Easy Athletics

1.4 Easy Mercantile

1.5 Easy Sneak skill

1.6 Another Easy Way To Raise Sneak Skill

1.7 Easy Security Skill

1.8 Easy Speechcraft

1. Stat Training Quirks

1.10 Another Stat Training Quirk

1.11 Raise A Stat And Make Money

Section 1 Miscellaneous Tips

1.1 WarEagles Easy Golden Saint Soultrap

1. The Thieves, The Fighters, And The Codebook

1. The Talking Mudcrab

1.4 Vampire Info

1.5 Good Souls

1.6 Easy Way Over Lava

1.7 The Wonders Of Sujamma

1.8 Permanent Bound Item (Non Bug)

1. MAiq the Liar

1.10 Cheaper Constant Effect Enchantment

1.11 High level Conjuration Spells

1.1 Ordinator Armor

1.1 Death to Ordinators!!!!!!! (Kwik Kash)

1.14 Calm The Ordinator

1.15 Daedric Quests

1.16 Slave Key Locations

1.17 free bounty removal

1.18 Great Map Program

1.1 The Taunt-Bribe Trick

1.0 Good use of Mark and Recall

Section 14 Reader Submitted Loot

14.1 Master Alchemy Equipment

14. Pelagiad Armor Ready To Be Stolen

14. The Sword of White Woe

14.4 Good Loot

14.5 More Good Loot

14.6 Azuras Servant Shield

14.7 Yagrums Book Of Great Arifacts Locations

14.8 Daedric Cressent

14. Daedric Dai Katana

14.10 Ebony Armor Set Location

14.11 Glass Armor Set

14.1 Dragonbone Cuirass

14.1 Indoril Armour

14.14 Umbra Sword

14.15 Super Gauntlets

14.16 Amulet of Shadows

14.17 Eleidons Ward Shield

14.18 Dengstagmers Ring

14.1 Ice Blade of Monarch, Skull Crusher

14.0 Easy Daedric Weapons

14.1 Grand Soul Gems

14. Scroll of Golden Saint

14. Grandmaster lockpicks

14.4 Resistance Ring

14.5 Ebony weapons

14.6 Good Daedric shortsword and much more

14.7 Fists of Randolf and More

14.8 Glass Armor and Daedric Claymore

14. Dwarven Claymore

14.0 Chryshamere

14.1 Lords Armor

14. Bittergreen Cup

Section 15 Reader Submitted X-Box Cheats

15.1 Xbox Weapon Skill Cheat

15. Xbox Enchanting Cheat

15. Permanent Fortify Stat or Skill

15.4 Morgans Instant Heal Trick

Section 16 Magic Effects

Section 17 Books

17.1 Books That Raise Skills

17. Books That Have Other Effects

Section 18 Races

18.1 Argonian

18. Breton

18. Dark Elf

18.4 High Elf

18.5 Imperial

18.6 Khajiit

18.7 Nord

18.8 Orc

18. Redguard

18.10 Wood Elf

Section 1 Classes

1.1 Acrobat

1. Agent

1. Archer

1.4 Assassin

1.5 Barbarian

1.6 Bard

1.7 Battlemage

1.8 Crusader

1. Healer

1.10 Knight

1.11 Mage

1.1 Monk

1.1 Nightblade

1.14 Pilgrim

1.15 Rogue

1.16 Scout

1.17 Sorcerer

1.18 Spellsword

1.1 Thief

1.0 Warrior

1.1 WitchHunter

Section 0 Skills

Section 1 Master Trainer Locations

Section Alchemy

.1 Alchemy Equipment

. Component List

. Cure Potion Recipes

.4 Restore Recipes

.5 Fortify Recipes

.6 Resist Recipes

.7 Shield Recipes

.8 Misc. Helpful Recipes

. Drain Recipes

.10 Misc. Harmful Recipes

.11 Two Item Multiple Effect Potions

.1 Reader Submitted recipes

.1 Potion Creation Tips

Section Credits

Section 4 Copyright Notice

Section 5 Contact Info


Section 1 Message From The Author


Welcome and thank you for reading my second FAQ Elder Scrolls Morrowind

The Walkthrough and FAQ. This is not a complete Walkthrough for every quest

and side quest in the game (at least not yet), but at the moment just the

main quest needed to finish the game, and the Fighters Guild. Later on I will

add lists for the other guild quests and misc. quests found throughout the

game. This FAQ was written using the PC version of this game. There might be

some differences when I talk about things that have been added in a patch, or

an official add-on for the PC, I will try to note when a difference is caused

by a patch, but I am sure I will not get them all (if you are wondering what

has changed in the patches take a look at the game version section of this

FAQ). Official add-on references will always be noted.

Following revisions will be a little slower in being released, as College,

work and my daughter take up .% of my days.

If you have questions that are not covered in this FAQ a good place to get

the answer is the Morrowind Message board. As I am getting so

much email asking questions about this game I need to state that I will no

longer be answering questions that already covered in the FAQ, so be sure to

carefully read the table of contents to see if what you need is in here, also

make sure you read the FAQ section. The other types of questions I will not

be answering are questions about quests for factions not covered in my FAQ,

where can I find a certain type of armor/weapon, what is the best

armor/weapon, etc... This guide is not finished, and I do not know where

everything is. Try looking for it in the editor. Sorry for the rant, but I

need to thin out the email I receive.

If you like this FAQ, or have a comment you can send me a note to my

email address found down below in the contact information section. If you

contribute to this FAQ, I will give you due credit in this section in later

revisions. I get many tips from readers, and when I receive the same tip from

more than one reader I will only post the first received (unless there is

some pertinent info that was missed.)

Please note, I get a lot of email regarding this game, so I might not be able

to return every email, and when replying to an email that I send you please

include the previous text, so I can remember who you are and what we were

talking about.


Section Walkthrough Version Description


05-1-0 V1.0 The initial offering

06-08-0 V1.1 Finished the Blades walkthrough, added some reader submissions

Fixed a lot of spelling errors, re-formatted a bunch of stuff.

06-0-0 V1. Added some notes on Pelagiad, along with some Misc. book

to notes. Added a few more Seyda Neen notes. Added a little

06-18-0 more to the Cavern of the Incarnate and Dwemer Puzzle box

sections. Added a reader Submission Section. Added a section

for the Fighters Guild Quests. I also added a section for

General Tips and a FAQ section to address some of the more

frequently asked questions I have been receiving via Email.

06-0-0 V1. Was informed that part of section .6 got deleted, so I put

to it back in. Added some more reader submitted hints. Finished

06-5-0 the Fighters Guild quests. Added a reader contribution

for the code book quest, and one for the Urshilaku Camp.

06--0 V1.4 Added some more reader submissions. Added a reader submitted

to Seyda Neen note. Fixed spelling of Pelagaid throughout the

07-0-0 FAQ. Added the Guide to Vvardenfell section. Added Hla Oad

and Gnaar Mok sections.

07-04-0 V1.5 Added some more reader submissions (Keep them coming, I will

to keep adding them. If they are for a quest line I will probably

07-10-0 wait until I write a walkthrough for the whole quest line.)

Added a note to the Gnaar Mok section. Added a note about the

Secretmaster level alchemy equipment. Updated the FAQ section.

Edited the Master Trainer Section a little. Fixed the Blunt

Weapon Master Trainer. Updated the credits section. Added a

new section to the alchemy section Two Item Multiple Effect

Potions. Added a missed quest in Seyda Neen, and a Seyda Neen

Travel Section. Changed some of the town notes to reflect the

fact that the boxes, barrels, etc.. contain Random loot, and

not necessarily the items I had listed.

07-11-0 V1.6 Added tons more reader submissions, a section on races, a

to section on classes, a section on magic effects and a section

1-1-00 on skills, changed the formatting, added a copyright and

authorized distribution site section. I updated my forward to

reflect some requests I am making to my readers. Changed the

reader submission sections into a few separate categories for

easier navigation, and removed the title reader submitted

and just have separate tips sections (the submitted tips are

still denoted with the credit at the end, and are still

unverified). Added some information to the books sections.

1-17-0 V1.7 Seems I deleted the book section when rebuilding V1.6, so I

put it back in.


Section Game Version Notes


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