Friday, December 30, 2011

Letter To Curley

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To Curley.

Curley, I’m writing this letter cause for a long time I’ve been wanting to tell ya somethin’. When we married I knew from the firs’ day that you weren’t any good for me, from the firs’ day of our marriage I disliked you. An’ you know why, cause you’re nothin’ then jus’ a dirty ranch man, who can think on’y bout fighting and goin to have a shot offa corn in’a closest bar. Ya’r nothin’ better than other ranch workers, who get them 50 bucks at the end offa month an’ go to spend alla of ‘em in’a brothel or for’a whiskey to get God damn drunk. I cn’t see any litt’ difference between you and them, an’ there’s no difference.

Every week ya go to a bar an’ come back God damn drunk at late night. How do you think I feel then bout you? But ever’thing has a limit. You know, if not my ol’ lady I’d have gone to Hollywood an’ prolly I coulda find that man who promised me to take me in movie. Yes he sa’ that I’m natural, and if not my ol’ lady then I’d never be livin’ with ya in this God damn place, I coulda been in the movies, an’ had nice clothes � all of them nice clothes like they wear. An’ I coulda set in them big hotels, an’ had pitchers took me. But whatta I got � I’ve gotta husban’, a swell guy. An’ alla time I have to listen how he’d “use the ol’ one-two to make him go down”. And all I can do is jus’ to set in your God damn ranch an’ talk to a bunch of bindle stiffs. I’m dying from loneliness, Curley. An’ plus, when ya come home you starta talk about fighting again, you’re almost like fighting cock to me.

You never care bout me, about how I felt and never try to make me feel better. Instead ya do opposite � ya tell me to set in your God damn two-by-four house, an’ do nothin’. But do you think that I like to stick in it alla time?.. But, Jesus Christ, if you see me outside you get so damn angry as somebody stole somethin’ from you, an’ alla your anger you put on me. For what? What have I done to you?.. You’re worse than an animal.

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An’ what about yer han’, stuck in’a machine, ah? Yeah, baloney! You’re a pathetic loser. Finally you’ve been shown that you ain’t the strongest. An’ I’m so thankful to that fella Lennie for doing it to ya. But why didn’ you use yer “ol’ one � two”, not tough enough. An’ why didn’ you ever fought with someone like Slim? What, was there no reason to, but you’re wrong there was an’ you knew it. You knew that there was somep’in between ‘im an’ me, but you was too scared to admit it, you was too scared to say a single word against Slim. It makes you such a loser, Curley.

Aw God! I’m so fed up with you, Curley, if you could on’y understand how much. But I guess that I shouldn’t worry any more, cause I leave you, yes Curley I leave you. I’m gonna go to make my own life. I’ll prolly go to Hollywood and find the man. Course you’ll think that I’m outa my mind, but I ain’t. I ain’t gonna waste the rest of my life in your God damn ranch, rot there yourself! I wish you to rot in your damn place. Go on, go to brothel, drink, have a game of euchre, but I’m gonna be far away from you. Have a nice life!

Your former wife.

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