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1. Marketing is a total system of business activity designed to plan, price, promote and distribute want-satisfying products and services to markets in order to achieve the objectives of the business.

. The Three aspects of marketing are

It is a concept that makes the customer the focus of the business.

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It is a function, a ‘department’ of the business that is responsible for all the ‘marketing’ activities.

It is a range of techniques from market research, product development, pricing, promotion and distribution.

Marketing is a philosophy that puts the customer at the centre of everything a business does. A business that is truly following a marketing approach will study customers to find out their needs and wants, and then organize all business activities towards providing goods and services to satisfy those needs and wants while achieving the goals of the business.

As a business function, marketing is a set of activities that plans, prices, promotes and distributes goods and services to customers in order to achieve the objectives of the business. To achieve the objectives of the business the marketing department uses a range of activities to identify what customers need and want, then plans the marketing program to deliver that good or service.

. Activities

Can you apply the main principles of marketing to individuals, places and ideas as well as to businesses? If so, how?

Individuals, places and ideas can be perceived on the same basic structure as customers. In order to truly understand a person, a place or an idea, you must first make it the subject of the business. If they are made the focus of the business, then it is possible to create a range of ideas in which will satisfy those wants or needs. Using the techniques of market research, it can be expected, like any consumer in a market, that the demands will be met.


1. Marketing is important to a business as it allows the business to know the needs and wants of customers. Changes in these needs and wants help managers predict future needs. By changing the business or the product to meet new needs and wants, a business can keep satisfying its customers with the right gods and services.


The target market is that part of a market on which the business will focus its marketing activities.

1. There are three main ways to segment a market.

The first is ‘mass marketing’ where the market is seen as one single unit, a mass ‘aggregate’ (combined) market.

The second is ‘differentiated market’, where the market is seen as being made up of smaller segments.

The third is called ‘concentrated marketing’ where a business selects one single segment of the total market as its target market.

. A market segmented by consumer characteristics attempts to identify and describe the market according to where consumers live, age, gender, level of education, jobs, income, religion and ethnicity, socio-economic class, lifestyle and personality.

The other way of identifying and describing a target market is based on consumers’ responses to the product.

‘Purchase occasion’ describes a market according to which situation people mainly buy a product.

‘Product usage’ and ‘product loyalty’ can also describe a market according to consumers’ responses to goods and services.

It is also possible to group target markets according to their reason for buy the goods or services.

‘Intermediate users’ are businesses that buy goods or services to use in their own business or to make other products.

‘Final users’ are the customers who buy products for their own personal or household use.

. What if?

You are the marketing manager and have to suggest the best ways of segmenting the markets for your business. Choose one of the following products or services and describe how you would identify your target market rail travel.

In segmenting this market, a business needs to consider such things as location of majority of customers, jobs and their relative distance from train stations, income of customers and their traveling habits, socio-economic class and whether the different customer are willing to use the provided transport.

. Case study

Select a business and how it segments its market and the products aimed at each segment.

Nike is a company that sells not only sporting gear and footwear, but also casual wear. Each segment of its market has different styles to match fashion and to appeal to potential customers. Not only do they segment female and male, but also children, teenage and adult wear to suit age as well as gender. Each segment of its market has a different view of the market, giving each age group its own style of clothing and footwear. The women’s range of clothing is quite different to the men’s range of clothing. As the fashion continues to change, Nike will follow that trend to continue its production lines and profits.

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