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Money is a necessary in our daily life. For one person, he or she can use money to improve the standard of life, to solve many troubles and to plan the future for himself or herself as well. Our society, in the same way, spends money in many ways, but generally speaking, two main uses can be classified into the present use and the future use. Thus it comes a dispute on that which of the two is more important and worthy. In my opinion, money spent either on present problems or on future possible benefits is equally necessary and important for our society.

In most people s view, existing social problems should be firstly treated and allocated money. It is of course reasonable. On one hand, we need money to solve many shortcomings or inconvenience in our life. Firstly, we need money to guarantee the basic living conditions eating, dressing, housing, and traveling. Secondly, every country must spend money in developing its industry, agriculture, and technology. Thirdly, it is also necessary for society to allocate money in improvement of the educational enterprise, the medical care system, and the welfare work, etc. On the other hand, in order to interdict crime and terrorism, government must use much money. In this sense, money spent on immediate, existing social problems is certainly unimpeachable.

However, we should not live only for ourselves; we must make a consideration for our future generations. For instance, although the source and energy in the earth, such as coal, oil, and natural gas, are sufficient for our generation to utilize and consume, scientists also spend money and time in studying new and regenerative resource to replace the conventional ones. Another example is making a long-term study on the university, in which American government and other governments cost much money every year. The aim of the study is to understand the university, the solar system and the earth, and thus to find a way to avoid unexpected disasters caused by the university and find a new planet suitable for our human being when the sun dies. This study seems to be a future matter far from now, but when we have seen the phenomenon of meteorite hitting the Mars, we can conclude that it would actually benefit both our offspring and ourselves.

In addition, we should fully realize that many problems or difficulties we are confronting now couldn¡¯t be solved immediately; it also depends on a long-term research. In the medical field, for example, cancer and AIDS, the most tiresome diseases, that would kill a number of people every day, have not been conquered yet. So researches on these diseases are undoubtedly vital things for our human being--either nowadays or in the future, and we must keep a stiff upper lip on them no matter how much money and how long time it would take.

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To conclude, we should not see the current profits merely and ignore the future crisis. From the above analysis, we could reach a point that both the present problems and the future possible benefits should be treated as equal importance and either of them would necessarily need money. Furthermore, to make a thorough ponderation on how to allocate money more properly and efficiently in these two channels in our society is likely a more valuable issue than that give by the speak.

At this information age, it is impossible for anyone to get full knowledge of all fields of study. That is why there are different branches. While it is quite true that any field of study is basically put forward on the foundation of knowledge accumulated within that field, one important idea should be kept that only knowledge and experience from other field can make it significantly advanced.

Without the help of other knowledge and experience, all fields of study will advance slowly. The already existing knowledge is established. Meanwhile, the unknown one, maybe disputing one, is still unknown. There might be some minor modification, but no substantial movement any more. It seems quite difficult to make great advances again within this field. Whats on earth is the problem? We finally find the key point --- the latest significant advance in this field is actually inspired by borrowing knowledge from others.

Actually, since different fields of study are intrinsically related, more or less, to one another, no study today can be isolated. For example, a successful experiment in chemical lab might lead to birth of a new kind of construction material. Then new industrial technology might subsequently be introduced to manufacture that material. With the help of that advanced material, there will be significantly development in the fields of engineering, such as architecture, automobile, aviation etc. From that point of view, We can say that any field of study is just a local joint of a much wider web of study. Any significant jump of one joint must rely on support by others.

As a matter of fact, breakthroughs in many studies are achieved only after using knowledge and experience from other field. For instance, scientific computation method is quite limited and unchanged for many years in the upper of last century. Using computer technology to this field, many computer-based computation method appeared, allow us able to conduct the most sophisticated calculation. Conventional work of a dentist has no great changes for years. Last year, however, a dentist in Swiss developed a revolutionary method, under which computer was used to gather the D information of teeth, then to make denture automatically and precisely. There are many other examples similar to this about computers wide usage leading to profound improvements to other field. One can even believe that without computer knowledge from outside field, many great advances will be impossible.

Generally speaking, for any study, although the knowledge and experience within that field is quite

important which play a fundamental role, it is necessary to get knowledge from other field, for that is critical force for pushing a profound movement.

The notion given by the author seems rather feasible in that it would possibly contribute to a unified national culture as well as the integrity of the nation if it were implemented according to the claim, yet in effect, the author ignores to take into consideration the aspects such traditional, ethnic, religious and regional culture and conventions as are perceived as essential by relevant communities, as well as the aspects concerning the cultivation of personal characteristics as is closely related to an individual¡¯s future. What a nation requires should lie in preserving the diversity and specialty of the nation¡¯s culture and promoting not only an unswerving sense of patriotism but also a sound development of individual personality.

As we know, it is undoubtedly difficult to design a national curriculum applicable to different regions and people while satisfying various needs from students and circumventing the possible objections. Granted that such curriculum can be devised regardless of the adversity, it still appears ineluctable that different problems occur after execution; what is more, how can the quality of education be well ensured in respect of so uniform a curriculum? Can students develop their own interests and religious beliefs under such circumstances? Can an individual¡¯s talent be well-recognized and taken advantage of? Can traditional, religious, regional and ethnic cultures and conventions be well maintained under the pressure of an exclusively unified curriculum? Even if all these problem can be solved and a variety of contents are arranged in the same curriculum, it is fairly easy for people to imagine the probable consequence resulting from such assorted courses the students might be toiled by study; they might be confused by study; they might be bored by study; and finally, they might be tired of study. As a result, our educational regulation and plan will fail to fulfill even the least demand congruent with the nation¡¯s development. Predictably, such curriculum, even though contrived, contains unforeseeable effects, most of which prevent it from being applied.

On the other hand, if the schools are granted entire right to the determination of what courses should be offered, it will inevitably result in an excessively indulgent administration of the education system. Far from achieving an autonomous efficacy, it is likely to cause some group of students in a certain part to suffer from unwholesome education-that is, in the presence of other students, unfair. Furthermore, similar to the national curriculum, it, solely, may also be unable to help the students with its limitations. For example, if a religious school pays too much attention to the instillation of beliefs and hence ignores the infusion of knowledge and morality, the balance of education that assures the equality of distinct content is-as a result, the harmony between them is also demolished-broken. By then, no effective way is available in reversing the situation.

Not far away from a conclusion, as disadvantages of both sides are revealed as a reference to what a suitable curriculum should be, we can suggest the effective combination of both sides as an alternative lest they each be out of control because the eventual victims will be the hope of the nation-the children and adolescents at school. With the national supervision and modification, the curriculum containing the regional and religious features is bound to reach an expected effect over the debate.

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