Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My DVD Player

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A purchase I made that lived up to all my expectations was my DVD player. When I first opened my DVD player I expected it to be fairly easy to hook up to my surround sound receiver. Not only was it easy, but I’m sure a young child could do it in a matter of seconds. The DVD box contained a manual that had everything to know about the DVD player. There was an easy to read table of contents and a few short paragraphs that followed. I was happy that the sentences in the paragraphs were not hard to read like most electronic manuals that need rocket scientists to decode them. After reading the few short paragraphs, while glancing at the diagram, I easily hooked the plugs and wires to the right holes. I had a DVD movie with awesome sound playing within minutes. While reading the material in the manual, I expected my new DVD player to have a ton of cool features. I was not let down to say the least. I’ve had this DVD player for about a year and I’m still finding new features on it. There is one chapter in the manual dedicated to just getting to know the features. One feature that I really enjoy is the different angle feature. I can use this feature to get different angles of the paused movie shot. Another feature that I like is the zoom button. This feature allows me to zoom in on the paused shot so I can see how many hairs are on the actors head, or what the person looks like standing in the far off window. This DVD player has so many features on it that I couldn’t possible have a need for all of them. Although, knowing that I have so many of them satisfies me to the fullest. After hooking the player up and reading up on all the features, I finally got to watch a movie on it. I was expecting it to have a clearer picture than the picture on my VCR, and it exceeded my expectations. The clearness of the picture is so fine and precise that it’s almost as if I’m in the movie. I feel as though I could reach my hand through the TV and pet the dog, or feel the fabric of the bed sheets. I was happy that it was so easy to hook up and the zillion features that it carried, but after watching a movie on it, I was overly satisfied. I have never felt so glad about a single purchase in a long time. This DVD player not only lived up to my expectations, but it exceeded them.

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