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Schools across the country should follow the examples of Aurora, Colorado where some public schools are making it mandatory for students to wear uniforms.

The case for uniforms is overwhelming. Thy are democratic Regardless of background, no youngster stands out because of his or her clothes. Uniforms help sharpen kids focus on the task a hand during school-schoolwork. Too many students spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about what they should wear. Uniforms underscore that the purpose of school is learning, not making fashion statements. In well-run schools, uniforms will help develop an esprit de corps that will improve youngsters educational performance.

Such a rigid dress code will aid in reducing violent acts. School children are less likely to be accosted and robbed and perhaps even shot for expensive apparel or jewelry that is worn. Uniforms subtly decrease the influence of gangs whose members have set themselves apart by their distinctive garments. Uniforms also help identify outsiders, who are usually around school grounds to stir up trouble.

Uniforms reinforce a valuable principal Judge people not by their appearance, but by their characters.

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Perverse-minded critics carp that such dress codes will lessen youngsters individuality. This is not the least bit true. Kids will learn that they can distinguish themselves in more substantive ways, such as through performance in academics or sports or in other extracurricular activities, rather than in the superficial way of slapping on what they think at the moment is a fashionable set of clothes and a way to get attention.

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