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After reading the first excerpt from the John Berger’s essay from Ways of Seeing I developed the opinion that Berger liked the use of sight over the use of words. He pointed out instances where words are inferior to seeing in multiple situations. When he talks about the sun setting and how knowledge and explanation can’t fit the sight he also uses the example of love. The first excerpt also led me to believe that the whole essay would be comparing words and sight and try to explain why the language was just behind the sight. My second take on it was that he would go into how sight was interpreted differently for everyone because he talked about how a person’s background effected what they saw, but instead he starts to go into how art captures the moment in time better than literature because it gives a better feel for the surroundings. When I read this it dawned on me that Berger was also an artist so this opinion would be the obvious one of choice for him. I was caught off guard when the topic of the essay wasn’t based on words as much as it was based on the purpose of art and what art’s place really is. Berger makes a point to tell that art isn’t a mystifying thing, but instead something that offers insight to the past and can link the present to the past. A lot of this essay was explaining and developing questions on what the artists are trying to do. I found that the article was trying to persuade me on some topics and that Berger did use these essays to throw his views out in the open. He is trying to get the readers to question themselves and I felt he was trying to manipulate people into putting art on a pedestal and looking at it as a great piece of work instead of as an entertainment like piece. He wants people to question there beliefs and become more open minded toward what they see in front of them. Convincing people to be more open minded is always a good idea as there are a lot of stubborn people in the world. I also think that the way Berger wrote this essay does make people think about how they look at the world and I agree with the way that Berger does this until he starts talking up art and kind of gets off the topic of open mindedness.

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