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Difference between Damocrats and Republicans

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The challenge of running a competitive campaign for the U.S. presidency is made easier by the existence of the political parties and other organizations. In United States there are two major parties, the Republicans and the Democrats, that compete against each other. It is often criticized that both parties are too similar and it makes no difference who’s is power. Although both parties have most in common but there are indeed large philosophical differences.

“Many observers note that in recent years the Republican party has become increasingly conservative. Although there is a range of opinion within the party, Republicans generally advocate a limited role for the federal government in solving society’s ills.” (The League of Women Voters, 1). Republicans also support cuts in the domestic programs from social welfare to environmental protection, lower taxes and increases in spending for defense.

The Democrats are identified as the more progressive party. This is mainly due to a Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal programs. These programs were designed to alleviate problems caused by the Great Depression. “Republicans are far more likely to say the moral climate of the country has declined, while Democrats have far more faith in the federal government’s ability to solve problems. Many more Republicans see the government as a threat to their rights. And unlike Republicans, Democrats want more regulation of guns.” (Adams, web).

Democrats believe in issues like pro-choice while Republicans believe in pro-life. Democrats usually support the lower or middle class people and the Republicans tend to support the higher class. Republicans also support welfare reform and believe the things you do, you are responsible for those actions. While being a Democrat means to stand up for anyone and everyone. “Nevertheless, the differences between the parties in how much the government should be involved has real policy consequences. Democrats do trust the government more than Republicans.” (Adams, web).

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The criticism that two parties are alike is not based so much on what they believe, but on the way they act. There are some areas, like the campaign finance, where the parties look the same. Otherwise they are quite different and have different programs to help the people of United States. “Republicans have more confidence in religious institutions, the military and large corporations than Democrats do. And Republicans are more likely to say there’s too much government regulation than Democrats.” (Adams, web).

However, both parties work for the betterment of United States and its people. They want their country to flourish and remain as a supper power for the whole world. They work hard to maintain its integrity and self-esteem and also to take care of the people and fulfill their needs to the best possible extent. Therefore, it doesn’t matter who is in charge as long as they keep caring for the country, people and their needs.


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