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Editorial on schoolies week (B+)

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“Schoolies week” tagged bad

Schoolies, a week of fun and entertainment for thousands of school-leaving students from all over Queensland, NSW and even as far as Victoria. It’s a week of holiday and more of less a giant party for students celebrating the end of there 1 years of schooling. It’s a week for them to relax and enjoy themselves and “do what they want”

Although it’s a week intended to be fun and enjoyable, due to the massive influx of people crime seem to be a big issue for people who attend schoolies. Schoolies has been given a bad name from the many incidents that occur during this week, such as stabbings, assaults, and alcohol related crimes. Should the actions of a few stupid people give the whole schoolies week a bad name? Why should this school-leavers tradition be shut down if it’s not them causing the problems? It’s been proven that most of these serious incidents are committed by older people previous schoolies students that have come back. “Gold Coast City Council Mayor Gary Baildon said it was unfortunate that the festivals reputation was being tarnished by many incidents not connected to school-leavers.” Schoolies week has made the gold coast and sunshine coast a huge attraction for school leavers. Businesses such as fast food, accommodation places, liquor stores, bars, take full advantage of the massive influx of people and use the school-leavers holiday to there full benefit. The gold coast area is a high crime seen all year round, “He welcomed extra police presence, announced by the state government yesterday, during the remainder of the festival, but said he would like more law enforcement all year-round in the gold coast region.” the allocation of higher police control will surly help reduce the number of incidents particularly in the schoolies week

“About 40,000 students, including Mr Beatties 18-year-old daughter Larissa, are celebrating the end of school on the Gold and Sunshine coasts.” My daughter wouldnt be there if I didnt think the measures were appropriate”( Mr. Beattie said ) He had spoken to his daughter after the stabbings She, like most people at Schoolies, has a sensible band of friends who behave in an appropriate way”,

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The Populated areas of gold coast have always had problems with crime and alcohol related incidence, it seems that around the schoolies week though these problems are amplified mainly because of the huge attraction to the area, Bringing not only school leaving people but also older people. Which are in most cases the ones causing the most serious problems. Theres probably 500,000 people on the Gold Coast in any one day of the year and incidents do happen but to tag it all to schoolies is unfortunate, (Cr Baildon) For people who don’t want to be in the main action of schoolies there are other options for them, places on the Sunshine coast such as Maroochydore offer great holiday accommodation unlike the gold coast places such as Maroochydore have yet been given a bad name (Said Maroochydore Police Sergeant Ian Waller) “the behavior of schoolies on the Sunshine Coast during the past week have been very pleasing.”

Its been very good on the Sunshine Coast, Sgt Waller said. We have had no major incidents.” The good name remains in Maroochydore entirely because it’s controlled sufficiently by police and people that cause problems are dealt with promptly Its obvious that schoolies week is going to attract other people than just the school-leavers especially at the gold coast, to minimize these problems more police are needed to be brought in especially for the “schoolies week” and all problems should be dealt with promptly and sternly. The schoolies tradition should live on and be a place and time of fun not fear

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