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Gelato is an Italian-style ice cream. Having been a witness to the Italian’s “fissato” for ice cream, its impossible to imagine the Italian summer (and in fact any season�spring, fall and winter) without gelato, oral air-conditioning, the only food that Italians will eat on the street. You can spot a great, artisanal gelateria by the crowd of contented locals digging little, spatulate, plastic spoons into paper cups full of this lightly frozen treat.

If ice cream is a phenomenon in such country as Italy�may it be summer, spring, winter or fall.

For a fact the Italians have the most “vain” culture in the world. They are concerned with their beauty and looks but at the same time they still patronize their ice cream culture. As a result, they have developed such technique of creating an ice cream which is less creamy, less fattening, all-natural or in other words an ice cream one can binge on without guilt.

It does not have as much air as it, like ice creams in the market today, and so has a denser texture. Gelato contains 0% air by volume, compared to 60% in most commoditized brands, and contains only 8% butterfat versus 1% in typical ice cream. Like in the Philippines summer heat is fierce in the south of Italy, and it makes sense (both digestive and hygienic) that the Italians developed a formula that is lean, thickening the milk with corn or wheat starch, not yolks.

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Moreover,there is no two gelateria or ice cream parlor that has the same flavor and taste�or the same recipe for that matter. This means that ice cream is not a commoditized food. Our ice cream will be primarily made in small batches giving attention to high quality ingredients which is the main problem in mass production and commoditized goods.

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