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Newts. Witches’ spells. Love charms. Flying broomsticks and cauldrons. Halloween. It’s amazing how many stereotypes still exist about magic and witchcraft. We are living in a time when a tremendous amount of knowledge is available to the average person, and yet there still exist a great deal of misconception about, and even intolerance of, Magic. The reason why I chose Magic as my topic was because I have always had an interest in all things magical. However, when I first began researching this topic I came to realize that my views on magic were very narrow and stereotypical. I believe that through researching this topic thoroughly I have reached a better understanding on the world of magic.

The craft of magic making is an ancient one, woven into every facet of life to ensure survival. It is not just the rabbit in the hat illusion as we so casually view it. In our modern society, however, we have no need to fight for our lives or to ask the elements to help us find food and water. But because of the progress in material terms, our ancient connection with the land and the natural elements has diminished. The loss of contact with the natural elements means we have also lost contact with an immensely important part of ourselves, and consequently we behave as if we are separate from that other world beyond the veil, the world of spirit.

Some form of belief in witchcraft and magic exists in all lands, from earliest times to present day. The art of spell making, or witchcraft, is a very powerful and beautiful way to reconnect with this other life that runs parallel with our own outer realities. However, as with all things, it must be approached with reverence and respect, otherwise it can lead to all manner of problems.

Magic is created through intent of thought. The mind or intellect is the most powerful facility we possess. Therefore everything in our outer reality is a direct reflection on our inner thought processes, we are constantly creating our own realities, both consciously and subconsciously. It teaches that we in fact are our thoughts and what we think defines how we live and who we are.

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Today’s culture has quite an interest about magic and witchcraft. It is proven by how many books and films that have recently been released are about magic. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hocus Pocus and Charmed are just to name a very select few, so I had no problems finding research material on my topic.

There has always been a mystery about magic and until now, magic was always a taboo subject. There were times, in the medieval ages when chaos broke loose and hundreds of thousands of people (mainly women) were being accused of witchcraft and sentenced to death. Even though the play, ‘The Crucible’ was fictional, the way witchcraft was perceived in Salem was completely factual. If any of those women behaved like how they did, today’s society would label them insane. However, their lies and pretend fits paved they way for the witch hysteria that came about in Salem.

Because of extensive religious propaganda dating from the late Middle Ages, Magic has often been linked to Satanism. Magic beliefs and practices are no closer to Satanism than they are to Buddhism, Hinduism, or Islam. In fact, practitioners of magic do not recognize the existence of an all-evil supernatural being similar to the quasi-deity Satan. He is found mainly in Christianity and Islam.

It is also important to realize that some conservative Christians consider all non-Judeo-Christian religions to be Satanic. They believe that when followers of these religions worship their Gods and Goddesses, they are really worshipping Satan and/or his demons. For this reason, they consider Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Wicca, and hundreds of other religions to be either Satanism or inspired by Satan.

My ideas on magic have changed dramatically since I first began this topic. Like many others, I pictured magic as witches flying around on broomsticks or leprechauns watching over their pot of gold. I have since come to realize that real magic is more hidden and even your next-door neigbour could be a practicing witch or wizard. Witches come in all shapes and sizes and the majority don’t proclaim their faith from their rooftops. Magic should not be feared of anymore but to be respected and celebrated.

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