Monday, January 30, 2012

My views on Raceism

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Race and racism are two different words, have two different meanings, but somehow work together to prove a point. The problem is even though they begin with the same letters the meanings behind each can be harmful if used in the wrong context. What some people believe to be true is actually what they were brought up to know as the truth. As I think about this subject I will try to look at both views and see ignorance and intolerance, as well as objective views and outlooks. Let’s say 100 years ago there was slavery. The black people were indentured servants to the white. In 00 this is arguably not to be tolerated here in the U.S. Other Cultures still live like this, I feel sad that girls are sold for a families well being. In some cultures girls are given to townies and do hard labor plus they are sexually abused and assaulted. These girls can be 8- years old and get paid 0 to 60 dollars in a South African culture. This amount is for one years work. Think about our culture girls go to school and are educated. There are equal rights for men and women. America really has is going on if you think about it.

Race is a group whether you are black, white, orange, and yellow, green, whatever. Some people will simply hate a group because they are different. Is this right? No of course not, but some people are raised to hate due to the way they are raised. I feel we are all equal. What really makes one person better than the other? Well for one thing going to school with different races you get to see how people interact with each other. You can tell by comments who is a true friend because they like you for who you are, not what you can or cannot do for them. We live in a society that has a big mixture of races. I like to think that I get to know a person before I judge them.

Racism is where you single out a group whether it is for color, religion or even status in our society. In America we are taught to believe that united we stand and divided we fall. This is true because a group of people versus one person has strength, courage and bonding. I believe we can overcome racism but it has to start with a simple reminder that humans are just that. We are not aliens or dogs or just fabric on a flagpole. We have feelings and we make mistakes. This is what we should be teaching our kids. I think people who are racist are not American. They have no right to pledge allegiance to a flag that stands for the biggest mixing pot in the world. People came to America to be free and live a life worth living. We are taught English as a first language and expect to be spoken to in a non-violent way. Unfortunately this is my theory and not the way the world really is. On MTV alone the violence and the way that black people are portrayed are gangsters with attitudes and hootchie mamas on their arms. Gold chains dripping of their necks and language that even my mom would not tolerate. White people in most videos are not behaving in the same manner. So does this make the white people superior? No, just viewed in a different group.

When I think of a ghetto or the projects I think of a black society, when really there are Mexicans, Whites, blacks and other ethnic groups there. I have friends of different nationalities and color. I play baseball and we are a group working as one. Once I come off the field sometimes I feel as though the group is gone and I am alone. Everyone goes back to their own group of friends and personalities. This is how I would explain the Monolistic and Pluralistic societies.

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To overcome our differences we must treat each other on a level playing field. Sure one person will always be funnier, prettier, younger, older, more educated, etc. But this does not give anyone of them the right to be unfair and treat me or anybody else with disrespect. I’m not saying we all have to be friends and love each other, just be nice and act like the person next to you really is human and has feelings.

There will also always be various levels of educated people and societies that live among only there own. As a whole we should all try to be one group that stands together in triumph and tragedy and work together to be a sane and more equal group of Americans

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