Saturday, January 21, 2012

Personal Goal

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Considered what actions I could take to better my quality of life and make

myself more well round person and the only obvious answer to those questions was that I

had to go back to school; I needed to further my education, complete at least a Bachelors

degree, Once I accepted the fact that more years of school were in my near future,

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I wrote down a number of things I wanted to accomplish during this next stage of my

education. After much thought and deliberation, I narrowed the list to three goals that I

am personally committed to achieve as a student expertise in my chosen field of study,

the ability to communicate that expertise, and expanding my network of acquaintances.

I earned my Associate of Science Degree in Information Technology at

the ITT- Technical Institute. Then wanted to continue in this field by taking the Bachelor

of Science in Information Technology at the University of Phoenix. Information

Technology is very interesting to me. So I decided to stick to IT field. Listening to

lectures in class, also spending considerable time in the lab, networking computer

together and seeing how it all comes together was enjoyable . I believe any motivated

student can earn good grades by doing the course work, asking questions and reading the

material. Plus Enjoy the subject your studying. But I want to do more than just simply

earn good grades. I wanted to learn everything that I can about Information Technology

like the business and technology side in this field. I want my peers and instructor to

recognize me as an IT professional.

Hand in hand with this goal of being recognized as an expert in

my chosen field is my second goal. The ability to efficiently communicate with my

instructors, peers, and clients by improving my oral communication skills and becoming

more confident when working on project and speaking efficiently to teams members.

Communicate regularly well with both my IT professionals and non-technical coworkers,

managers, and clients. I believe I already have excellent communication skills, my

objective in this case is to further improve upon those skills, specifically in the oral

presentation. I think the only way to improve this ability and gain confidence is through

repetition; I need to prepare extensively and volunteer to be one of the first speakers for

presentation projects.

The third goal I set for myself is to make a conscious effort to meet people

and make as many friends in my career as I can. I want to develop my communication

skills now and continue to use them throughout the next stage of my career. One

inadequacy I know I have is that I am slow to make friends; it normally takes me months

of knowing someone before I feel comfortable about talking openly.

Going to school, becoming a student and working full time is discouraging

But having a goal of gaining and exhibiting expertise it gives me something to focus on.

The goal of meeting more people, learning and stepping out of my comfort zone does

make me more well rounded person because of it, and that knowledge goes a long way to

help me with my future. I believe I have set myself three attainable and realistic goals.

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