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Personal Goals as a UOP Student

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The University of Phoenix represents an institution full of academic resources. During my years at UOP, I intend to use those resources to obtain the necessary knowledge to succeed in my Management degree. One of its many benefits is that this institution gives me the ability to maintain my full time career and personal life as well. I have been in the Workforce Management industry for three years and my work experience is what triggered my interest in the degree of B.S. in Management from UOP. I intend to maintain a high academic record of achievement during my years in this reputable University, and I will use that academic record to achieve goals I have set for myself. As a privilege of my high academic achievement, I intend to enhance my managerial skills such as effective planning, organization and time management, while simultaneously furthering my character traits of leadership, dependability, and determination. I have learned throughout the years to apply myself in order to achieve the objectives I have set for myself and learn all the necessary skills to become a successful manager. A Bachelor of Science degree in Management from the University of Phoenix brings together skills and character traits that ensure my success in life.

The primary step I will use to achieve my personal goals as a University of Phoenix student is motivation. Without motivation one cannot accomplish anything in life. I am motivated to drive twice a week from Sanford to the East Orlando area to attend class and meet my study group.

My secondary objective is determination. I am determined to attend full time until I obtain my degree. I intend to stay focused the entire time I am attending University of Phoenix and by giving all my undivided attention to the class sessions and participating in class.

The third step I will use will be diligence. I will give 150 percent to be a successful student, even if that means sacrificing the little pleasures in life such as watching too much TV. I will work hard by trading those not so important hobbies to more important ones pertaining to my future like reading and writing while blooming into a visionary manager.

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My last and most important objective is commitment. I am committed to meet with the study group at least once a week no matter what other things might come up in my professional or personal life. I am committed to being working on the assignments in a timely manner in order to be able to turn them all in at one time.

I am also committed to overcoming any challenges (i.e. exhaustion from working full time, dedicating time to my family, fighting traffic and driving 0 miles to school) that might keep me from being a successful student at University of Phoenix. Another challenge I am willing to conquer is fear of public speaking. I have been avoiding speech and math all my life. However, math is a whole another paper. In order for me to become a successful manager, I have to be able to effectively speak in front of an audience. I intend to use this fear of public speaking as an opportunity to grow into a fully successful manager and possibly a successful orator. I challenge myself to excel in my presentations and teamwork.

As a University of Phoenix student, I will embrace the college experience. College is not just about attending classes and study groups. Being a college student entails developing many skills that allow an promising individual to juggle daily commitments with a focused mind at all times while succeeding at each task at hand. It is necessary to demonstrate the ability to perform under pressure and practice excellent time-management skills and self-discipline while learning new subject matters. The most exciting part about being a University of Phoenix student while simultaneously a professional is that I have a wonderful opportunity to apply knowledge gained in the classroom and from my peers to my daily professional tasks. This is how true learning occurs and I am grateful for the opportunity presented to me.

As a University of Phoenix student, I will apply my organizational skills, research skills and technical knowledge toward obtaining and excelling my degree, in each classroom and each group session. I am determined, motivated, will apply my resourcefulness and thoroughness to achieve what I have committed myself to. I will use the four steps above combined with my work experience and the knowledge I will gain from my instructors and fellow students here at University of Phoenix to become a brilliant student and evolve into a successful manager in life.

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