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Problems in the workplace

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Problems in the Workplace

The issue began years ago, in the Human Resources department, when two new human resource directors were hired. Before this time, we had a HR assistant who had been doing the job for the most part, by herself. She was basically considered the “Human resources department “. She was responsible for all of the hiring; advertising and doing the interviews along with the paperwork that came with all of these duties. Yet, because she had been doing the work for such a long period of time, like anyone else she had fell into a comfort zone. She knew how she liked things to operate and her style slowly began to shadow over the face of human resources.

After laboring the bulk of the responsibilities of running the department, the company finally completed the hiring process and brought on two new Human Resource directors, to help assist the company, in its development and growth. Though for the HR assistant, it meant gaining two new bosses and having to face the possibility of having to adapt to the new styles of the directors. Not only that, but also running the risk of having a conflict in interest. Even though, it could have been seen as a great opportunity to learn new things and receiving the chance to help create a good team atmosphere. The HR assistant looked at it as, someone coming in and taking that attention away from her. She allowed selfishness to influence her attitude her and outlook on the whole situation. Leaving a taste of bitterness in her mouth, without truly giving the opportunity a chance.

Now since the assistant had been there for such a good period of time, she became very proficient in her work and had a tremendous amount of knowledge to how things worked in the department. Therefore, it was her job to train the HR directors, in order to help them to understand her responsibilities. Obviously, so that they could obtain a better perspective of how the process worked at their new company, so then they could analyze and figure out how to make things better. Even more so, it would allow them the capability of being able to help make the assistant’s job easier. Once again, instead of embracing the opportunity of sharing the information, to encourage great things for the future of the company. She felt that, “though they are my bosses, I know more then them. Therefore, they need me more then I need them.” (G. Hidalgo, personal interview, August 0, 000).

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So as time went on, the directors naturally began to seek out new ideas to try and improve the company. Due to the respect that they had for the assistant’s time with the company, the directors felt that it was their obligation to include her. Since they valued her opinion, the directors would often ask her opinion on new ideas and they even suggested things that could help make her job less stressful. But every time her bosses approached her with new ideas or a improved way of doing things, they seemed to always get the same responses. “No, that isn’t going to work” (S. Dore, personal interview, August 18, 00). This continued to go on up until this present time. Up till now instead of feeling like a team environment, the HR assistant began to become a thorn in the directors’ side. The directors felt that, as long as the assistant was with the company, the company would not be able to grow. They then found themselves in a jam, feeling that she had not done anything wrong for the cause of getting fired, more or less just being a difficult person to work with. Even talking to her about problems became an issue, because the assistant displayed a case of extreme sensitivity through being quick to cry, whenever being constructively criticized. Knowing this, the directors didn’t know how to approach the dilemma; as a result they opted to just do nothing. Which is a problem within itself. Consequently, the problem we are facing at this time is, a HR assistant who is allowing her stubbornness to keep herself from trying new ideas and coming out of her comfort zone, because of the dire need of attention that she received off of doing more work then what was necessary. Also, we have two HR directors who feel suppressed by the assistant. In which this feeling of suppression, was not enabling them the break to help the corporation develop. More importantly, the directors did not posses the heart to go in and discuss these issues, with there subordinate.

Recently, the new annual raises came out and to the associate’s dismay; she did not feel that her raise was not a reflection of her work performance. For that reason, she decided to put in for a higher raise. After reviewing everything, the company decided not to grant the assistant’s request for a raise. This act forced the HR assistant, to put in her two weeks notice after 8 years of service. Despite the fact that she put in her two weeks notice, the plan was not to truly quit, but to hopefully get the company to reconsider her request. Yet in still, the company did not budge, in fact the directors felt as though it would be sad to see someone with that kind of experience go. It meant the arrival of that breath of fresh air, almost like waking up and stretching out in the morning (G. Hidalgo, personal interview, August 18, 00). The assistant tried to reconsider, but she had ultimately backed herself into a corner. Because once she put in her offer, the company began interviewing for her position and within those two weeks had given an interviewer an offer. At that point, staying with the company was a lost cause.



I read an electronic article, from the University of Phoenix’s library, the Seven Steps For Effective Problem Solving, including going over the website to view possible decision making techniques. I also conducted a few interviews with current employees that are with the company.


I gathered from my interviews, that the HR assistant lost out on a great job and possible career. Due to the fact that, she allowed the forces of stubbornness and selfishness to influence her to not change her way of thinking and to making critical choices. Learning that she grew up accustomed to having that attention, may have helped in developing those feelings of the need to always feeling appreciated and focused upon. She was a lone child, in which she was raised with receiving a lot of attention from her parents. Included, the directors seemed to be influenced by the forces of intimidation. They appeared to be intimidated by the assistant’s knowledge of the work and her long tenure with the company. So, instead of assuming the role of the assistant’s bosses and handling the situation through communication, they chose to take a back seat to there co-worker. Both influences, allowed a small situation turn into a bigger situation. In turn, the company lost a person that could have been vital to the companies’ success and the directors lost out on an opportunity to handling the situation and becoming better directors.


Both the HR assistant and the directors possessed two different styles of working. While the assistant seemed to have a conservative style, the directors displayed more of a creative style. As a result, the two apparently began to conflict with one another. Although, it is often true that different ways of doing things may conflict with each other, the opposite is also true. Different styles can work together and generate an abundance of success. You can accomplish this by keeping an open-mind, communication, and compromise. As an individual, you have to understand that, there is more then one way to accomplish a job and allowing yourself the opportunity to listen to new ideas can help in completing that job efficiently. Through communication, we can identify issues and express our own, in which would help in leading to solving the issues. Most importantly, when working in an environment where people contain multiple styles, it is important to be able to compromise. Through compromising, we can find the best method to success, whether it is from choosing from one style or combining them. Regardless, the objective is to get things done with the least amount of problems. Working with others can sometimes pose for some frustration and hard work, but by thinking unselfishly, communication, keeping an open-mind, and compromising, getting through the difficulties can become much easier.

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