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Sir Francis Bacon

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Sir Francis Bacon

“Knowledge is Power,” said Francis Bacon. Sir Francis Bacon’s quote could be considered a key factor in the Renaissance thought and a theme to his lifetime accomplishments. Bacon, the scientist, philosopher, and author, his interest in the idea of materialism was intrigued by discoveries made by Italian scientists Galileo and Copernicus.

Born in London to a poor family in 1561, Sir Francis Bacon always found money hard to come by. At the age of 1 he enrolled at Trinity College, Cambridge. He studied law and in 158 became a barrister. In 1584 he joined Parliament’s House of Commons; that same year his political advancement was repressed by Queen Elizabeth I due to his opposition of her tax program. In 160 Bacon was knighted under the rule of James I, throughout the following years many other positions became available to him, in 1604 he was pronounced Solicitor General, Attorney General in 161, and then in 1618 he became Lord Chancellor. Between 157 and 165 Bacon worked on his Essays and in 1605 his first book, The Advancement of Learning, was published; in 160 he published his philosophical work Novum Organium. In 161 after being evicted from office, Bacon spent the rest of his life in retirement, where he later passed away in 166. He is buried at St. Michael’s Church in Hertfordshire, England. Three years after his death his final book, The Works, was published.

During his lifetime, Sir Francis Bacon was insistent of breaking away from the ancient beliefs of science. Including Galileo, Bacon was known as an “Anti-Aristotelian who created scientific views of nature.”

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