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Smith and Bradford Study Questions


1. Smith is addressing his words towards the colonists whose means are to get a fortune in New England.

. One attraction that appeals to virtue, faith, and honor in New England is discovering new things.

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. Three means of earning a living in New England are fishing, farming, and hunting. Five trades that are needed in New England are commanding power, building material, defenses, enough provisions, and more builders and people to protect.

4. Smith is trying not to persuade families to break apart such as children from their parents, men from their wives, and servants from their masters. According to Smith, the people that should go are young married couples, or fourteen-year-old fatherless children.

5. King, country, master and servant will all benefit from the establishment of New England.

6. The general impression that Smith gives of New England is one of free land and good money. He gives a good impression of New England.

7. Smith hardly describes the drawbacks of settling in New England because he wants people to settle there.

8. Smith wrote this piece not only as a description of New England, but also to show how England would benefit from New England. He states specifically in paragraph five that everyone will benefit from this growth.


1. The Pilgrim’s first action upon landing in the New World was to thank God for bringing them across the vast ocean.

. Four specific hardships that the Pilgrims faced were the lack of shelter, the Native Americans, the harsh winter conditions, and starvation. The Spirit of God and His grace sustained the Pilgrims.

. When the “calamity” hit, the sailors helped out the sick men. The calamity was disease. As the calamity began to spread, the Pilgrims still onboard drank beer jollily; however, some of the pilgrims did show mercy.

4. According to Bradford, the Indians first came rarely, and would never show their faces. They would run away if anyone approached and would steal the Pilgrims’ tools. After “friendly entertainment and some gifts,” they made a peace treaty. Samoset and Squanto brought them back their tools, and showed them how to plant corn, fish, and use other commodities.

5. A few dominant characteristics of the Mayflower during their first months of hardship are want of shelter, starvation, scurvy, and many deaths.

6. Bradford creates a picture that the Pilgrims were God’s “chosen people” by writing excerpts from the bible telling how they are similar to the arrival of the Pilgrims in the New World.

7. At first, Bradford assumed that the Indians wanted to shoot the Pilgrims with their bows and arrows. But, after the “Compact with the Indians,” Bradford sees the Indians as good people who know much about the wilderness. The way the Indians are civilized in a way seems to have changed his opinion on them.

8. Some qualities that I think would be required to survive in the American wilderness are endurance, being able to use resources well, and good camping instincts. Some attributes from Europe that would have to be abandoned are living in pre-built houses, living elaborately and ornately, and laziness.

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