Friday, January 13, 2012

The Paperclip

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The paperclip is a tool used to attach at least pieces of paper. It is commonly made from coiled wire, and usually comes by the hundreds in dull boxes and containers, yet is practically ever-present in each and every office and study table, bookstore shelf, pencil case, schoolbag and in many others. Though it is usually bought at a low cost, and one wouldn’t mind losing several of them in a day, the paperclip is still as important as all the other basic things one can own, such as ball-point pens, pencils, erasers, staplers and memo pads.

Although the paperclip looks quite plain, it can come in a variety of eye-catching colors that are anything but ordinary. It is available in shades such as shocking pink, neon green, vivid tangerine and vibrant tones of yellow. The paperclip can be made from wire, vinyl, plastic or even bamboo; and can be as small as 1 centimeter or as big as 5 inches.

Its amazing how this simple tool can be so unnoticeable yet so necessary. Paperclips have come a long way from being just an attachment to being a corporate giveaway; and since famous stationery brands like Sanrio and Papemelroti sell paperclips as novelty items carrying their logos, it has also become a status symbol. The paperclip is also far more practical than the staple wire and the adhesive tape, because unlike these two, it is reusable.

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So what else can we expect from the ubiquitous paperclip? Maybe in the future, paperclips cast in gold can be worn as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and buckles. Someday, Paperclips made from copper can be linked and used as an aid in power supply distribution, since copper is a powerful conductor of electricity. A paperclip with a microchip attached may decode whether a document is authentic or counterfeit. It can also detect whether or not the document it carries is in the right hands, by scanning the fingerprints of the holder. Paperclips will be more useful and necessary than ever. When that time comes, people would not look at the paperclip the same way they do today because they will realize that the paperclip could help them significantly in other aspects and can do more things than attaching two pieces of paper.

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