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Tuckets Home

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I. Title Tucket’s Home

Author Gary Paulsen

II. Important Characters

Francis Tucket � Francis was the main character. He was trying to find his family that he got lost from many years earlier. He had a rifle, which he never lets out of his sight.

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Billy & Lottie � Billy and Lottie lost both of their parents to a disease. First their mom and then Francis found them when they lost their dad and they have been friends since.

III. Summary

This story is about a boy who is trying to find his long, lost parents. Along the way, he finds two kids name Lottie and Billy, who also lost their parents to a disease. Lottie and Billy are now helping Francis to find his parents and his way home.

In the story, Francis was watching a herd of buffalo waiting for Lottie and Billy to get ready for breakfast. Lottie was watching the horse graze and Billy was making a bow and arrows he learned how to make from the Indians. A little later, they went to shoot a buffalo for food. Once Francis was about to shoot, all the buffalo started to drop. Someone else was shooting the buffalo.

After the shooting was over, the people that were shooting came out and so did Francis to meet them. The man’s name was Bentley from England. That night, Bentley asked them to stay for dinner; they were having buffalo tongue. Francis said they have to move on. Lottie wanted to stay. She didn’t want the tongue, but she though Bentley talked pretty. Francis had a feeling that Bentley would get into a lot of trouble.

The next night, he spotted Bentley’s campsite. Francis was watching him from a bush the whole night. He then saw a shadow that should not be there and soon there was more and before you knew it, Bentley and his gang were all dead. The Indians chopped them to pieces.

Francis could not believe it, but he had to move fast before the Indians found them. He woke Billy and Lottie up and rode away. They went on for days and days and one day they met their old friend Grimes who had save them from the Comancheros, an Indian Tribe. There was a big cloud of dust coming their way and they knew it was the Indians. Grimes told them to go through a hidden passage in the mountains. Francis didn’t want to go but left anyway.

Halfway to the mountain, they turned back. When they got there, all the Indians were dead and Grimes was badly hurt. After a few minutes, he couldn’t handle the pain and was dead.

That night while Billy and Lottie were sleeping, Francis was sitting by the fire thinking about Grimes when all of the sudden Grimes came over and sat next to him. When Francis saw him, he jumped and knows it was a ghost. Grimes said to him “It is all right.” Grimes then stood up and walked away. Francis didn’t know what that meant. He told Billy and Lottie the next morning.

That day they met a man named Orson and his friends. Francis went with them until they came to an Indian village that had a funny language, but they learned some of it. The Indians told them the river they were going to go down would wreck their ships. Francis, Lottie, and Billy traveled on, passing every town asking around if they knew where the Tuckets’ lived. One day, they came to a farm and Francis was home.

IV. Evaluation and Favorite Part

I liked this book because it is a cool adventure. I like how the characters are kids and can do almost anything. Even though they are kids, they know how to live on their own and hunt and look out for Indians.

My favorite part is when Francis finds his home because his dad does not recognize him at first. When he does recognize him, he cannot believe it. Lottie and Billy also get a home because they got to live with Francis’ neighbor, a lady who lived over the hill from Francis’ house.

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