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Civil Rights

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Philip Kim American History

Mr. Namm 5/7/0

Thematic Essay Civil Rights

Africans Americans are only one out of the many racial groups in America that faced

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rejection and discrimination. As time gradually progresses through the age of slavery and into a

new modern era of rights and freedom, African Americans have fought to achieve their own

equal rights in the midst of racism and conflict. An example of a right that was denied to them by

society and the government was the denial of segregation. They wanted to have the right to attend

equal facilities, schools, and many other needs. Through peaceful and violent protest,

perserverance, amd effective leadership, African American individuals and groups fought every

way they could to gain these rights.

Throughout American history and recently in the 0th century, blacks were segregated

from the whites and were denied equal facilities. They took a numerous amount of actions and

protests. One, and by far one of the most famous, was when Rosa Parks went against the law that

made it illegal for blacks to sit on the white section of a bus. This eventually stimulated the rise

of the Montgomery bus boycott, in which all African Americans decided to boycott riding buses

in protesting their objection to the law. Another example of the blacks taking action were the

Freedom Riders. In this case, blacks from around the country joined to protest their rights by

riding on buses all over the South. In another case, probably the most prominent example, is the

strong leadership of the blacks, lead by Martin Luther King Jr. He helped influence and stood as

a figure for blacks who were in need of a way to express their freedom. He led marches and

protests with his philosophy of civil disobedience. The most famous march is the Salt March on

Washington, where protestors marched 50 miles to the Washington Capital to protest their rights.

In addition, it was where Martin Luther King made his memorable speech at Lincoln Hall where

he made a statement that gave hope for blacks all around the country.

To an extent, African Americans acheived their goals. However, it often also sparked

white opposition. The Montgomery bus boycott did not directly end segregation, but it eventually

influenced the Supreme Court to declare segregation laws on buses illegal. The whites responded

back by saying the blacks themselves had started an illegal boycott, but eventually this claim was

rejected. The Freedom Riders prompted the government to force new lawsuits against

segregation and helped improve the percentage of black voters in the South. However, it also

caused violent riots to erupt, often resulting in people killed and injured. The Salt March in

Washington was strong enough to prompt the Congress to start supporting Kennedys civil rights

bill, but it is not passed until his death in 16. It also awakened other blacks around the country

to start influencing themselves that gaining their rights was important.

African Americans suffered a lot to gain their rights. By the late 160s, and with the

assaisination of Martin Luther King progress was slow and only at its beginning. Now entering

the new millenium, segregation has finally ended and racial discrimination has nearly

diminished. Through their efforts and indomitable spirits, a great tribute is given to those back in

history that lead the blacks civil rights movement into the equal society we are in now today.

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