Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Earnings Management Abuse

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Recently, we reviewed an article from the American Accounting Association, titled, “The Numbers Game”. The article, discussed the recent trend of companies becoming more concerned with meeting or exceeding their earnings estimates and less concerned with truth and reality. Mr. Levitt began by addressing the problem of ‘earnings management’, where the financial statements of a corporation are manipulated to meet the predicted earnings expectations for that period. The pressure in recent years to meet these expectations has grown tremendously with adverse affects in the public’s perception of the company’s who do not meet them. This obsession has caused and is currently is causing some companies to take more risks when reporting their financial results. Creative accounting has taken on new meaning in recent years. The principles of accounting were developed to be flexible in order to meet the ever changing needs and expectations of the business world. This flexibility ensures adaptation as circumstances change, but this flexibility means the financial players must hold themselves and each other to the highest standards of objectivity, integrity and judgment (Levitt). The accounting professional is very concerned about this trend because it will lead to an erosion of the confidence in the financial reports of companies.

Financial reports play a vital role in our economy, as noted in the article; the American economy is the envy of the world. Our efficiency, liquidity and resiliency stand second to none (Levitt). Various groups rely on the significance and importance of the financial information that is contained in the statements. The investing public expects the information to be timely and accurate. If companies do not provide reliable data then the relationship between the investors and the company begins deteriorating. This in turn will cause great disruption in the investment community and investors will not continue to invest their funds with these companies.

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