Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Handmaids Tale

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Is the book a Handmaids Tale considered a feminist book? Many readers choose to believe so butI on the other hand disagree with those people. Atwood is showing us the flaws that are inbeded in our society about how the treatment of women is sometimes unjust. There are many parts in the book that contain evidence of a distopian society. The women are classified with in many ways such as they have to wear different colored dresses that resembles what rank they are like the handmaids in red, the Marthas, the Aunts, and the Commanders wife in blue. The handmaids were given a new name like Offred, Offwarren, and Offglen wiith all of them beging with Off- and te ending is to show which commander whom they belong to. There is a great decrease in the birth rate and every month the handmanids have a sexual intercourse with their Commanders in hope that they will become pregnant. Even if one does become pregnant there cna still be birth defects or with the baby diying which is very common. Offred was married to Luke whom now she bearly remembers what he looks like and she also had a daughter whom she never mentions her name in the novel. She is not allowed to speak her real name and she does not even mention it to the reader either. Her Commander invites her to his room adn she is curious to what he wants with her but really all he want to do is play Scrabble which is forbin for her because she is not allowed to rea or write. Eventually after so many visits he gives her a magazins but she is concerned wether or not to take it from him thinking that he is trying to trick her. But she doestake it from him and she questions him on how he got it because all of the magazines had been burned and he just simply said all but one.

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