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Lot's Wife

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The poems that I have read were ¡°Lot¡¯s wife¡±, ¡°Richard Cory¡± and ¡°warren Pryor¡±. Those poems reminded me how our day-to-day lives affect what we think and the ways we act. How and why lot and his wife, Richard Cory and ¡°the people on the pavement¡±, Warren Pryor and his parents looked the world and their lives diversely.

When we read ¡°Lot¡¯s Wife¡±, it is easy to find out that Lot was a saint. He looked the world and his life through the God¡¯s words, all of his every day life was prayer and communicating with God. Just like what we read in this poem said ¡°It is easy for eyes that have always turned to heaven not to look back.¡± Lot could easily obey what God had told him and headed himself to ¡°Zoar¡± without looking back. It was all because he was not really live his life in that town, all his spiritual life was related to God. On the other hand, his wife lived in a normal life. It was her who did all the house work, fed the children, and dealt with all the problems that happened in their realistic life with her neighbors and friends. That was the reason she could not help herself to look back. She might think that her whole life was ended when the town was damaged, so it was not so important if she could get to ¡°Zoar¡±.

Richard Cory had everything; he was well-knowledge, rich, honorable and handsome. Just like ¡°the people on the pavement¡± thought ¡°he was everything to make us wish that we were in his place.¡± That summer night when Richard Cory committed the suicide, he left such a big question to ¡°the people on the pavement¡± that was ¡°what was the purpose of lives¡±. They thought Richard¡¯s life was their dreams, but it was exploded. The author never mentioned about why Richard Cory chose to die, from my points of view, maybe his life too perfect, it made him felt so empty and boring. But those kinds of stuff would never seem understandable for the people who struggle for their living for every single day.

When Warren Pryor felt ¡°like a young bear inside his teller¡¯s cage¡±, and ¡°aching with empty strength and throttled rage.¡± His parents thought ¡°he was saved from their thistle-strewn farm and its red dirt.¡± This is the most ironic part of this poem, Warren Pryor did what in his parents¡¯ eyes was good for him, and left himself in those painful dissatisfaction. His parents thought they made him away from the hardest life in ¡°the stony fields¡±, but they would never thought about it was not what Warren¡¯s choice at all, and how much that Warren loved their farm as a place where he had grown up and belonged to.

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In conclusion, those three poems mentioned us a lot about people in different religions, different social classes and different generations have totally different viewpoints about their lives and dreams. It is hard for one to understand another because the people¡¯s concept of lives are depended what they experienced and what they learned.

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