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Computer programming

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Purpose and Goals

The software development phrase was the phase used to create the user interface of the systems. The purpose of this section was to create a database that is flexible and open-ended. Using the current forms and reports that the university currently uses, the database was constructed in a way that would be easily recognizable to the staff, as well as incorporating the more current features and reports used by the university today. The ultimate goal of this phase was to reduce the amount of time spent on filing and preparing forms and reports manually and have one system that will contain all this data that will allow ease of access for creating reports and printing out forms.

This phase lasted approximately seventy one days. It started on April 1, 00 and was completed on July 8, 00.

This stage of the software development phase depended on the interviews and meeting with the university staff. This information, such as gathering existing reports, interviewing the university staff and getting the necessary forms that were used to help create the data entry screens, was an important step towards creating a user-friendly database. It was important that the university’s needs and expectations were identified in order to create software that will be tailored to their needs.

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Upon collecting that information, project work scope and other necessary documentations was prepared. (Jesudason, 00) This scope identified key areas that were performed. Some of these areas were

1. Preparation Phase

. Data entry Preparation Phase

. Report Data Entry Phase

4. Implementation Phase Create � Included creating procedures, testing and debugging, and testing security features. This is the phase were the actual building of the data entry screens and report will take place. All the information that was gathered in the initial phase will be used to create the forms.

5. Completion Phase � Preparation of Acceptance report, training manuals, and staff training on the use of the database.

The following chart shows the entire breakdown of the Software implementation Phase and the time it took between start and finish.

Insert big table here.

The database went through numerous testing and benchmarking. (Jesudason, 00)This was to ensure that the system was working properly and meet the quality assurance standards set by Team A. The site acceptance report which documents all that was done, any problems that will require further research, and any recommendations to the University has been created. This will be reviewed and sign by both parties.

Resources and Constraints

Any changes to the database software design will have to be done in writing, submitted to the CCM, and approved before it is implemented. This is to ensure that the integrity of the database is not change in any way. Team A has as a dedicated staff, ready and able to meet the needs of the university. The university has the necessary staff required to populate the database with the required information as needed. The database was initially populated with data that was collected from the University. Any information that could not be imported at that time will be entered manually by the university Staff.

The following resource sheet shows the manpower used during the software phase. It consisted of the following

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