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“Feudalism was the Medieval model of government predating the birth of the modern nation-state” Developing in Europe during the Middle Ages as the political and military system of rule, in response to widespread disruption and disrepair, “a collapsing central authority and economic stagnation.” The Feudal System of rule attempted to establish order and create a unified Europe. During his reign Emperor Charlemagne developed the first basic ideas of the Feudal system, attempting to secure the borders of his Empire and unite the people. In the early stages the feudalism was a successful and effective of rule, as historians such as Poggi write, ‘the system developed a strengthened military, secured the boarders of Europe, formatted the European culture and developed arguments on the rights and justice of correcting misrule.’ The effectiveness of feudalism was also limited as it focused primarily on the aristocrats in society, with peasants playing an insignificant role, and no part in the Feudal practices. As historians such as Bridges, Webber and Wildavsky argue the, system promoted conflicts of interest, only representing the aristocrats. Resulting in the system eventually becoming unworkable, leading to its decline.” However despite this the system was relatively effective at the time, achieving order and developing a military and political system to rule and unite the people. Therefore, despite the faults in the system and what we today view as unfair class division, at the time the feudal system proved itself to be a rather effective system of rule, but by no means was it a perfect system. This essay will examine the development of the Feudal System of rule, looking at early attempts made by Emperor Charlemagne to create a united Europe. It will then evaluate the positive and negative effects that the system had on Europe and its citizens, finally evaluating the overall effectiveness of the Feudalism as a system of rule.

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