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Hickam Vs Riley

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Hickam Vs. Riley

Homer Hickam’s mother, and his teacher, Miss Riley, both helped him achieve his dream. They both modeled something that helped Sonny. Both of them stood strong and believed in Sonny. Neither of them would let him give up. They were two of the biggest catalysts in the story.

Sonny’s mother helped him throughout the entire story. Firstly, she wanted him to prove to his dad that he could do more than work in the mine. Secondly, she wanted him to get out of Coalwood and away from the mines. When he wanted to quit she told him to keep going. She kept strong about his goal, even when he didn’t. There were many people that supported Sonny throughout the story.

Miss Riley was one of his first supporters. She always believed him, and always stood up for him when the principal tried to demean him. Secondly, Miss Riley got him the rocket book, which proved to be invaluable. Lastly, she also got him into the science fair, where he almost met his idol. Miss Riley always helped him whenever or however she could, and modeled many aspects that he needed to see.

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His mother modeled, for Sonny, stability. She stayed strong no matter what the situation. Miss Riley modeled faithfulness. She believed in Sonny no matter what, and she always stood up for him. They both modeled something that helped him achieve his goal. Not only modeling, the two also helped Sonny in other ways.

His mother helped Sonny in a passive manner. She never directly gave him anything, except unending support. Miss Riley gave him more of a direct help. She gave him the rockets book, and got him in the science fair. Both of them gave him help he needed, and their impact on Sonny helped him achieve his ultimate goal.

They both had a positive affect on Sonny. They both gave him help, not matter what the cost. Both of them provided a model for Sonny. They both gave him never-ending support. Without Miss Riley, or his mother, Sonny never would have achieved his goal.

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