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This story happened in the ancient time, in a windy and forged day, the player in this game, we just call him Robin wanted to take one adventure trip to an extreme forest.

He set up with a compass, some food and water, and some necessary things he thought he would used in certain circumstance. Unfortunately, he got lost soon. He kept walking towards the direction he thought might right, what he saw were nothing except woods and trees. He couldn’t remember how long he walked, but he seemed still having lucky, he came across an old run-down cabin. He felt tired and wanted to have a rest over there, so he knocked the door and planned to get the help of the host to figure out the right way.

But it was very strange, he knocked the door several times with yelling, there was no answer at all. Finally, he found the door was unlocked. He pushed the door open, and was astonished by the scene he faced, there was a very little man, like a dwarf shrinking at the corner of the room, he looked like going to be dead.

Robin asked the little guy what can he do to save his life, the dwarf asked Robin to give him some food and water, Robin rummaged all over his bag, found he got only one bread left, he divided it into half, and past bigger one to dwarf without any hesitate.

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After the dwarf finished the half of bread with water, Robin started to explain the reason why he was here, and he asked the way to get out of the forest. The dwarf gave him a ring and told him to meet another dwarf along the road towards south.

On the way, Robin suddenly saw a tiger crawling in front of him and its posture shown it was going to attack him. Robin raised his hand which wearing the ring given by dwarf to protect himself instinctively, the tiger stopped its jumping immediately, and gave Robin the tip to ride on it, it took him to a deaf in a covert cave. Now, Robin realized that the ring is a magic ring with some miraculous power. The new deaf asked Robin to give him some water, Robin passed the bottle to him and left himself nothing this time. The deaf gave him a map as the present swapped, and told Robin follow the map to find a tomb.

He also said there would be lots of treasures in the tomb, Robin could use a magic wand on the way tomb to open it. Robin kept on walking following the direction showing on the map, just before he was going to be completely exhausted, he finally found that magic wood, got into the tomb, and found the route indicator board to leave the woods over there as well.


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