Monday, March 26, 2012

My Life

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My husband Dean and I live in a small town in Indiana. We recently started watching old episodes of Green Acres. I remember these episodes when was a young girl. I compare my husband and I to Oliver and Lisa. So, sit back and enjoy. I love the show and Im in no way making fun of it.

Oliver wanted to be a farmer but he went to Harvard and became a lawyer. My husband wanted to be a farmer. His father was a farmer and farming was in his blood. My husband went to a techinical college and became a mechanic while his brothers became farmers. We bought two acres of farm land and built a ranch style house. We have green acres in the summer. Dean spreads fertilizer on the grass in our yard and it grows. He has a tractor like Oliver. Dean uses it to plow the beautiful snow out of the yard in the winter.

We dont climb a pole to answer the phone. We have three phones in the house. We dont have a cow but I love animals. We did have a goat visit our yard once and he left us a calling card on our front steps. I went outside but the goat had a dog he was traveling with and they ran across the fields. I dont know who the goat belonged to.

I am iike Lisa. I lived in the city with my parents when Dad was in the Air Force. Air Force bases are always stationed by big cities. I loved the city. When I married Dean, I thought I could convince him to move to the city. I didnt forget hes a country boy born and raised on the farm. He wanted to live in the country. No Time Square. We got fresh air. He likes to do chores. I love the stores. I do shop at the Mall but its fort-five minutes away. I have to admit it. I do love to live in the country. It is quiet. After shopping at the Mall all day with a lot of people, it is nice to come home to my house in the country. We only have one neighbor and hes very nice.

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Our town is like Hooterville. I have an uncle like Uncle Joe. We have a gas station/store but its not a General Store. There are nice guys like Eb who work on nearby farms. My father-in-law used to raise pigs like Arnold. We used to have a railroad tracks but they were torn down. We still have the train bridge which extends over the ditch. The Coop and main Railroad are five minutes away.Dean and I know people like Hank Kimball, Mr. Haney, Sam Drucker and Mr. and Mrs. Ziffel. Dean helped his father farm. Im a good supporting wife like Lisa but I would never make a good farmers wife. I dont know the first thing about gardening. I buy my vegetables from the Grocery Store. We do have a good time in the country. I throw out my cat waste in the corn field near by. We live by three fields and when the corn grows and is up, our house and two acres are right in the middle. So, like Oliver and Lisa, Green Acres, we are there!

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