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Russian 75

A long, long time ago in an unimaginably horrible place, a peon stared at a decrepit, filthy wall, wondering why and how his life had come to such a disgraceful end. Imprisoned for life, the peon had ample time to think about what he had done and why he had done it; but he could not figure it out. Age crept up on the old peon. It had been fifty years of introspection and profound recollection before the peon realized that he was not at fault for the death of the young girl. The peon decided to recount the events of that tragic day one last time, weighing all possibilities before he was incapable of doing so.

It was a beautiful, summer day, when the high-spirited peon decided to go for a walk in the forest near his abode alongside a gully. Little did the peon know, this particular gully was enchanted. The peon began skipping rocks and was interrupted all of a sudden by a dark, mysterious voice. “You will kill the one of my desire,” was the command of the anonymous voice. Petrified yet intrigued, the peon slowly walked toward the voice. The peon came upon a caterpillar as miniscule as a baby’s baby toe and immediately began to laugh. Assuming that the mysterious voice came from the caterpillar, the peon laughed hysterically. “What’s so funny,” the caterpillar intervened. The peon replied, “You are the one who has summoned me. You want me to kill someone of your desire?” The caterpillar stared at the peon without the slightest emotional expression. The peon continued, “And what if I don’t?” The caterpillar abruptly laughed and said in a soft but malevolent voice, “Why don’t you take a look at what’s behind me?” An enormous silhouette arose from the subterfuge of the trees; its shadow enshrouding all the peon could see. The peon trembled in utter fear. The monstrous figure approached the peon, frightening him so much, he entered a state of temporary paralysis. The peon’s lips continued to quiver uncontrollably as the monster drew closer until it was within inches him, leaving the peon motionless. The monster leaned down so it could see eye to eye with the peon. The peon was so scared he could not see straight, so he did not clearly see what the monster looked like, which, in retrospect, may have been to his advantage. He knew a monster of that size, power, and evil could have haunted him for the rest of his days. The monster whispered something in an indiscernible tongue. The peon had never heard such frontier gibberish, but somehow understood what it was he was supposed to do.

The monster had cast a spell upon the peon, leaving him in a trance-like state, with no control of himself, physically or cognitively. The peon found himself in a scarcely inhabited, rural village, consisting only of decent and generous people. Although the peon was in the village with only evil intentions and had no communicative skills whatsoever, the villagers welcomed him and took him in. A feast was prepared and a celebration was in store for the newcomer. The peon wandered the village during the party, seemingly aimlessly, but the peon, controlled by the monster, had one thing on his mind death. An innocent little child walked toward the peon. Possessed, the peon could barely determine the appearance of the child, but there was something about the child’s soft, sweet voice that was appealing to the peon. He listened intently as the little girl rambled incoherently about the sun, flowers, and other things that made her happy. The peon kept hearing the monster’s voice instructing him to kill the little girl simultaneously as the girl was talking. This is where the story becomes unclear. The peon blacks out at this point and awakes in prison. However, for this final recollection, everything that transpired that day became clear. The peon recalled panicking, picking up the child to keep her safe from the monster, and running frantically toward the central district of the village to gather the other villagers in an attempt to prevent the monster from causing any harm to the child. A strange thing happened when the peon did this. The child was fussing and fighting, screaming and kicking as if the peon was trying to harm her. As the peon ran with the child in his arms, the child’s remarkable strength and stubbornness allowed her to break free of the peon’s grip, as if someone or something had possessed her. The child then fell to the ground, hit her head, and was unconscious, and the peon was blamed. The peon had an epiphany maybe the monster made the child behave in such an unusual way. The peon also remembered the previously insignificant fact that the body of the child disappeared, and she was only presumed to be dead, never officially buried. What could have happened to the body? Was she dead or not, the peon thought to himself. Then it hit him. The caterpillar had a strikingly similar voice as the child when she was throwing a fit when the peon was trying to save her. The peon was outraged. He had spent decades in solitary confinement for no reason. He began to scream. He noticed the wall of his cell crumble somewhat as he screamed so he proceeded to bellow as loudly as he could. The entire wall of his cell collapsed, and the peon was free. The peon was amazed temporarily, but he knew what must be done so he set out for the enchanted gully, hoping that the child was still okay.

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He arrived at the gully to find that it was infested with caterpillars, all with similar voices. The monster had been casting spells on older men, possessing them to either kill or if unsuccessful kidnap the child. After killed or kidnapped the monster could turn the child into a caterpillar making it an eternal slave of his domain (the enchanted gully). The peon did not receive a warm welcome. Every caterpillar screeched to warn the monster of the peon’s unexpected arrival. The monster appeared out of thin air, and was bigger and stronger than ever. Its power increased with every man he subdued, and child the subdued man kidnapped or killed. However, the peon was fearless. The monster towered over the peon and stood over him in an attempt to intimidate him. Not a word was said. The monster stood over the peon breathing heavily and the peon stood his ground staring back into the monster’s eyes. The peon knew the monster would have to say something witty or frightening before it killed him. As the monster began to talk the peon intuitively removed a sword from a sheath hidden under his cloth apparel and struck the monster what seemed to be its ankle. The monster laughed, and said “You are no match for me, cease your futile attempts.” The peon was not discouraged. He continued to strike. The peons relentless attacks seemed to do nothing, and the monster just stood there and laughed. The aged peon eventually grew tired, and stopped attacking. As the peon sat down he crushed several caterpillars and noticed the monster cringed in pain. The peon immediately gathered up what strength was left in him and began stepping on every caterpillar he could find. His sword was flailing as he stomped erratically, almost fortuitously killing more caterpillars. The monster was decomposing more and more with every dead caterpillar and was unable to fight back. The peon did not even bother to look at the monster as he decimated the plethora of caterpillars. It was not long before the monster had decomposed into nothing.

The peon had defeated the monster. Shortly after his victory, the peon’s skin began to return to its original state on the day of the encounter with the monster and the caterpillars transformed back into children. The only problem was finding a home and caretakers for the children. There had to be two thousand of them. The peon did a very brave and generous thing. He took the children in; worked day and night to raise every single one of them, and lived to see each one of them become an adult and start a life of his or her own.

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