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old misery, irony

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The main events of this short story take place around Wormsley Common car park, where years before bombs had fallen and turned the area into the dilapidated, rundown corner of town. The bombs destroyed almost everything; however, the one house that remains supported by wooden “struts” is still standing and occupied (15). Some key elements of events in this story are brought together for situational irony. Readers do not expect a group of young adolescences to destroy a house that was left standing even after many bombs had dropped in the vicinity, but readers soon find out that with the co-operation and teamwork of the gang destroying the house was as simple as going to the store.

T. tells the gang about his visit to Old Misery’s house and describes the beauty of the 00-year-old paneling, the staircase “like a corkscrew” (161). This is an example of situational irony because readers, and most likely the gang, do not expect T. to want to destroy the house after describing its beauty. After his visit with Old Misery, T. had learned information that could come in use for the gang; Old Misery would be away for the “Bank Holiday”, he also discovered a way to break in. The situational irony goes deeper here because many of the gang members believe that T. wants to break into the house to “pinch” things, but T. does not want to steal any thing, he wants to destroy the house.

Furthermore, because Old Misery will not be around while the gang carries out the plan, he does not have a clue of what mischievous activity is going to take place within his house. Readers know what that the boys plan to destroy the house from the inside out, leaving Old Misery and whoever may be concerned out of the loop; this provides the story with dramatic irony.

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