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Resonance Mining

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It has long been known by scientists that sound waves that cause our eardrums to vibrate, thus producing a physical effect that our minds can interpret as sound, have similar effect on others substances. Most notable is the ability of certain opera singers to find a pitch so acute, so exact that when produced with sufficient volume it can shatter crystal. Many have experience the sympathetic thump in one’s chest in response to a particularly loud firecracker or the rattling of windows in response to thunder. It perhaps will come as no surprise, then, that scientists have looked into the possibility of using harnessing this effect for industrial purposes.

One such attempt was in mining. In the mid-160’s research was done into developing a machine that would use sound resonance to reduce different composites of earth to rubble without the need for digging or blasting. Some of the challenges encountered were inventing an amplifier capable of emitting enough volume to be of any use, manufacturing a speaker big and sturdy enough to emit such a sound without itself disintegrating, and targeting the sound such that only the area needed would be shattered and not all of the surrounding terrain with it.

Constructing the amplifier and speaker was done with much experimentation but relative ease. And the exact frequency of sound required for differing composites of stone was easily found through trial and error. But finding a way to target the sound presented a problem that seemed insurmountable. They tried sound funnels, sound dampening such as white noise, and even placing smaller speakers close to the stone at strategic points. None of these were very spectacularly successful.

Eventually the effort was abandoned for three reasons. First, environmentalists had long been after the government to pass laws against strip mining � using high-powered jets of water to completely tear down great portions of land just to find the minerals within � and the effect of this sound technology promised to be very similar to that technique. Second, attempts to focus the sound were proving to be increasingly less likely. And thirdly, the mining industry underwent a sudden and steep recession much like the high tech industry has just recently.

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Years later a geologist, Dr. Jerome Fundt, was amusing himself by exploring the reports and papers written on the results of the sound experiments that had been done, and something in them struck him with an idea. As mentioned above a portion of the experiments involved trial and error to determine which frequencies of sound affect which different composites of stone and earth.

Using these findings, Dr. Fundt developed a technique of geographic sampling that was just as effective as core-sampling, in which a long ‘core’ of earth is literally plumbed from a surface, drawn out and the strata studied for composites. Dr. Fundt developed a technique by which sound was sent into the earth of stone and the resulting resonance was measured. Accurate to within mere fractions of fractions of inches, this technique proved effective in accomplishing the exact same sort of results that core sampling did without the difficulty have having to bore through solid stone and sometimes metal deposits.

Moreover, this technique helped mining companies find deposits of different metals without having to dig around at random seeking signs of them. Using Fundt’s sound techniques they could locate specific deposite, dig directly to them for extraction and save much more land than had previously been saved before.

Today the technique includes computer imagery and tri-dimensional modeling, so that not only now can miners find deposits, they can determine the exact length, depth and width of those specific deposits and see a picture represented on a monitor in D. Because of these sound techniques, mining is as much a science today as it is labor, more efficient and cost effective and much more environmentally friendly.

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