Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snail vs. Cinnamon Roll

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Sirj sat in anguish as his stomach was thoroughly vacant. He hungrily cried for food, wondering what he had for breakfast that did not satisfy his famine. As his pondering mind was intensely working, his physic’s teacher was handing out busy work for the pupils to toil on. Sirj paused his investigation for a moment to begin learning, which was not accomplished very often. “Hey, there’s little snails!” announced Sirj. The teacher’s handout on measuring motion had used snails in a race as an exercise for calculating the motion of an object. Sirj was perplexed by the physiological assignment, but the snails indisputably amused him. “Ha, ha,” he chuckled, “I like these silly snails.” As Sirj studied the circular mollusks, he promptly recalled what he filled his mouth with that morning. “Hey! I know what I ate now! I had Cinni-minis for breakfast!” It was at that moment that Sirj had managed to comprehend a similarity between a snail and a cinnamon roll.

The first resemblance Sirj noted was the appearance of the two. Both the snail and the cinnamon roll have a round coil. The coil, leading to the center of the object, has a dark color in the crevice of the spirals. Also, both items customarily have a tan exterior. Sirj also noticed that the two items were not only circular, but they were three-dimensional as well. Finally he observed that the coils, which define the outside of the items, tighten as they wind toward the core.

Sirj, being strangely fascinated by the resemblance of the two, studied the object further to find that the composition of two have similarities as well. The two have a coil-like shell covering soft, tender insides. These items both have edible components, however, escargot has a slimy, delicate inside while the cinnamon roll has a dry, spongy inside.

“You can eat them both, too!” exclaimed Sirj. The snail and the cinnamon roll are both typical entr�es to consume. While one is typically made for breakfast, the other is prepared for elegant dinners. Although Sirj never had the opportunity to experience the essence of escargot for dinner, he knew that it was arranged particularly in elegant restaurants. He is, however, familiar with the scrumptious flavor of cinnamon rolls.

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Sirj’s stomach rumbled again at the thought of his minor breakfast in his kitchen that morning. “Yes,” he thought, “both of these foods are made in the kitchen.” Sirj was correct, cinnamon rolls and escargots are made in kitchens. In addition to this, snails and cinnamon rolls originate from the outside. A mollusk is typically found anywhere from shorelines to all bodies of fresh water, and in tropical areas to mountains and deserts. They may also be found in one’s own backyard. A cinnamon role derives from natural ingredients such as eggs, cinnamon, salt, and flour. These natural constituents develop outside as well, creating yet another correspondence between these two objects. Conclusively, both items find themselves served to a table of famished individuals.

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